AI Medical Diagnotic Open Platform


AMIAS, an integrated open AI platform that facilitates medical image diagnosis, makes it possible to use various AI programs that OPTiM and other domestic and overseas AI program developers provide to facilitate medical image diagnosis and support such in-hospital systems as PACSs (picture archiving and communication systems) as well as other imaging modalities (CT, MRI, etc.) in a coordinated manner.
It is vital for groundbreaking technologies to be utilized in healthcare.
AMIAS is now starting to promote the widespread utilization of AI in healthcare.


Healthcare issues and expectations for AI

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan started to consider the utilization of AI, the heart of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in order to solve healthcare issues including a declining birth rate and an aging of population.
AI seems to be particularly suited to the field of image diagnosis support and will provide a number of benefits including a reduction in oversights as well as lighter workloads and higher diagnostic accuracy when screening medical images.
OPTiM, as a leader in the AI, IoT, and Big Data platform markets, will contribute to the future of healthcare through AMIAS.


Promoting AI utilization with AMIAS

The following advantages of AMIAS facilitate the utilization of AI in medical facilities and will help doctors working in the field of diagnostic imaging.

A rich variety of AIs

rich variety of domestic and foreign medical image analysis AIs, including AI provided by OPTiM, are available for use.  

Vendor-independent System integration

AMIAS can integrate with hospital systems regardless of the vendor. Images captured by the hospital systems can be analyzed by various medical image analysis AIs.

Automatically selects the most appropriate AI

AMIAS's AI can automatically select the most appropriate AI for analyzing the image data to deliver the results the doctor expects.


Medical Image Dataflow

To medical institutions

If you are considering deploying AMIAS and want a quote, please contact us from here.


Connecting healthcare and AI program developers

AMIAS can connect any manufacturers’ in-hospital systems, such as PACSs and other imaging modalities, thereby providing a platform that is also attractive to AI program developers.

Expansion of vendor-free sales channels

Through its capacity to connect to any manufacturers’ in-hospital systems, such as PACSs and other imaging modalities, AMIAS assists AI program developers in their endeavors to have more medical institutions adopt their programs, thereby leading to the expansion of their sales channels.

Shorter deployment time and lower costs and greater focus on development

AMIAS enables AI program developers to offer AI programs to medical institutions without the need to install servers or form a deployment team, thereby reducing the work required to deploy and link programs with existing in-hospital systems.

To AI program developers and dealers

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The potential of AMIAS

OPTiM is promoting the establishment of AMIAS partnerships with AI program developers, PACS and imaging modality manufacturers, universities, and research institutions in order to expedite the development and utilization of AI programs for medical equipment so that various methods for AI-based image diagnosis support can be made available.