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OPTiM Store is a platform that allows you to create your own business app marketplace.
The need for cloud services and mobile apps in business is growing from year to year, as the use of smartphones and tablets is steadily increasing. The Japanese market for business-use smart device-related solutions is expected to grow to over one trillion yen by 2018. In particular, the business app market for smart devices is expected to double in size during this time. (Source: “2013 Whole View of Smart Device Related Business for Enterprises” by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. FY2018 Market Scope Prediction)

  • Business-use smart device-related solutions market

  • Smart device-related business app market prediction


※Source: “2013 Whole View of Smart Device Related Business for Enterprises” by Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. FY2018 Market Scope Prediction (7/12/2013)

OPTiM Store

  • OPTiM Store allows you to easily open your own company’s app marketplace
    With the largest app alliance in Japan,※1 OPTiM is offering high-quality and secure apps to suit every demand, as well as supporting a variety of payment options.
  • In cooperation with OPTiM’s Optimal Biz, the number one MDM service in Japan,※2 OPTiM Store offers a flexible and seamless one-stop system from volume purchase to app distribution to each end user.
  • As a free option, you can lower your running costs by using OPTiMs support service. OPTiM has long time experience in Technical Support as it is offering professional support solutions used by many companies in Japan.

OPTiM Store

As of January 2016, based on research by OPTiM
Source: "ITR Market View: Enterprise Mobile Management / Smart Application Development 2014," published in October 2014 by ITR Corporation. Sales share of SaaS model Enterprise Mobile Management market for 2011, 2012, and 2013

4 Benefits

OPTiM Store stands out with its app selection, quality assurance, distribution and support, offering a smooth and efficient experience.

1: Choose from a wide selection of apps to feature on your own custom marketplace

  • OPTiM has selected the best apps to suit any business need, available for any device and OS.
  • Offer volume licenses without any special procedure.
  • With Japan’s largest app alliance, OPTiM is utilizing its strong partnerships with app vendors to meet the needs of its customers.

※As of January 2016, based on research by OPTiM

2: Use apps worry-free because of the OPTiM security check

  • Inspection

    OPTiM conducts security checks and quality tests for every app.
  • Cooperation

    OPTiM cooperates with each app developer, and is constantly striving to ensure security for every app.
  • Quality You can See

    OPTiM gives each app that passes its inspection a visual seal of approval, so customers can feel confident in their selection.

※Not a guarantee of perfect operation

3: Flexible and efficient app distribution

  • OPTiM Store works with Optimal Biz, Japan’s no. 1 MDM service, to allow for app purchase to distribution in one step.
  • Use single sign-on to log in to numerous apps with just one password/ID.

4: App support service

  • All app support can be handled by OPTiM, to help you lower your running cost.
  • Depending on your needs, you can use OPTiM’s free basic support or grow your revenue by offering your users our extended support service.
  • For optimal customer satisfaction, app support is offered in cooperation with each app developer.


OPTiM store offers various features that allow your customers to have a painless app installation experience.


  • You can choose between various purchasing systems to offer to customers of your app store, including credit card and bank transmission.
  • Besides one-time sales, the subscription model allows you a continuous income.
  • Monthly billing information can be managed in the app store.

Sales Promotion

  • Apps can be offered on a trial basis, allowing for company system administrators to check apps before purchase, leading to higher satisfaction.
  • Promote apps that suit the customers based on their previous purchases and their company’s features.
  • Easily create promotional content for apps using OPTiM Store’s content management system.

Store Customization

  • Create your own app catalog based on your customers' needs.
  • OPTiM Store can be modified to suit all your needs.
  • Create your own design tailored to your own brand’s image guidelines.

Provisioning and Service Integration

  • User and license management is efficient using Optimal Biz (MDM) technology.
  • With Optimal Biz technology, apps can be distributed and managed for both single users or in groups.
  • Device and application management are together in one package.

Inquiries about OPTiM Store

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