Optimal Biz Feature List

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Basic Features

Client Management Security Management
Optimal Biz automatically collects device information, which makes easier to manage devices in bulk. You can check the device information on the web console or export it by CSV format. Strengthen the security of your enterprise mobility deployment with Optimal Biz. It allows you to lock/wipe your device remotely when it's lost or stolen. Also it detects Jailbroken/Rooted devices which protects devices from malicious usage.
Setting Management Device Management
Apply contact lists to all devices under management at once. Restrict the usage of SD card, Camera, USB to avoid data leakage.
Application Management Internet Management(iOS)
Manage applications securely and easily. Optimal Biz enables you to restrict installing malicious applications , which could cause information leakage, and distribute information of business applications. Restrict personal devices' being connected to office network by configuring Wi-Fi settings without letting users know SSID/Password.
Client Management
  • Get hardware information
  • Get software information
  • Get network information
  • Get setting information
  • Get remaining battery amount
  • Get location
  • Get IT device information
  • Customize items of device information
  • Manual asset management
  • Network map
  • Management/Agent logs
  • WEB browsing history
  • Export reports by CSV

Security Management
  • Password policy
  • Force device password
  • Prohibit password reuse
  • Set password expiration date
  • Set password Auto-lock
  • Remote lock
  • Remote wipe
  • Detect non-communication
  • Detect Jailbroken devices
  • Detect rooted devices
  • Detect deletion of Configuration Profile
  • Restrict specified dial numbers
  • Secure Shield

Setting Management
  • Set contact lists
  • Import contact lists from a CSV file format
  • Export contact lists in the CSV file format

Device Management
  • Restrict SD card usage
  • Restrict camera usage
  • Restrict CD/DVD/Blu-ray
  • Restrict USB
  • Restrict Bluetooth
  • Set device encryption

Application Management
  • Prohibit applications(white list)
  • Prohibit applications(black list)
  • Prohibit individual setting screen
  • Distribute application information
  • Encourage installing applications
  • Restrict installation
  • Detect specified applications

  • Web clip
  • Wi-Fi settings
  • Roaming settings
  • Exchange settings
  • Collective Exchange settings by CSV
  • Distribute Exchange certificate

Optional Features

Internet Management(Android) Setting Backup Management(Android)
Prevent information leakage, caused via browsing malicious web pages, by prohibiting/allowing access to certain URLs. Protect clients' contact information from being lost via backup.
Message Distribution Anti-virus(Android)
Distribute messages regularly in bulk. You can check who has read or hasn't via message read status. Keep your device secure with Optimal Biz which detects malicious applications at real-time. Administrators can apply policies into multiple devices and monitor protection status.
WEB Filtering(iOS)
Restrict access to web pages that are not related to work. Optimal Biz links to a massive web category database, which enables you to control access by category.
Internet Management(Android)
  • Set bookmarks
  • Web filtering (white list)
  • Web filtering (black list)
  • Wi-Fi settings
  • Wi-Fi filtering

Setting Backup Management(Android)
  • Bookmark backup
  • Contact list backup
  • Restore backup data
  • Set backup interval

Message Distribution
  • Distribute messages
  • Distribute messages in bulk
  • Set message distribution schedule
  • Check message read status

  • Check anti-virus status
  • Check anti-virus protection status
  • Set scan range
  • Set real-time scanning
  • Set scanning schedule
  • Update pattern file
  • Prohibit uninstallation
  • Get virus detection history

WEB Filtering (iOS)
  • Category filtering
  • URL filtering
  • Distribute bookmarks
  • Control bookmarks
  • Customize a popup message
  • Safe search integration
  • Block exclusion
  • Control purchase page
  • Set timer of prohibition time