How we think about Intellectual Property

Under the concept of “We make the Net as simple as breathing”, OPTiM has pioneered in new markets and gained new customers by creating innovative original products and services, while protecting its intellectual property since founded. Therefore, we at OPTiM believe our Intellectual Properties are the results of our innovative activities. By expanding to new business fields, diversifying business and expanding globally, always thinking about effectively making use of our Intellectual Property, OPTiM’s products and services are continuously chosen by our customers.

Intellectual property management system

In order to develop business activities with a consistent intellectual property strategy, we have established an intellectual property management system focusing on our intellectual property strategy team. We manage intellectual property rights of the entire enterprise aiming to optimize our “IPR portfolio” as a whole. In addition, considering risk management and compliance, we have included the respect for intellectual property in our basic management policy and we do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others.

Acquisition of valid patents

In the present age where the cycle of product service becomes shorter and shorter, it is difficult for inventors to thoroughly examine new inventions and accurately grasp the trends of a wide range of related technologies. As a part of solving this problem, the Intellectual Property Strategy Team conducts activities to expand inventions in cooperation with an advisory patent attorney who has extensive knowledge and experience in technology trends and patent application trends. We are making efforts to turn ideas that are often overlooked in innovative activities to effective patents.

Related information

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Fundamental patent for spot services


When a device connects to an access point such as a public Wi-Fi, it can obtain content specified by acquiring the content URL corresponding to the IP address of the access point. For example, when connecting to a Wi-Fi spot at a specific place (Zone) like a shopping mall, a theme park, a sightseeing spot or a government office, the facility information, coupons, necessary services etc. can be delivered automatically.
(Japan patent no. 5976033)

Application Example)
“Unlimited Spot”

A new service that enables the free use of the popular Magazine Flat rate Service “Unlimited” for people in a specific location, like a store or a facility (spot).

Other Application Examples

Use at stores

Deliver coupons to devices connected to the Wi-Fi access point in the store.

Use at the museum

Distribution of exhibition information to devices connected to Wi-Fi access point in the museum.

Use at rest areas and parking areas

Distribution of traffic information and facility information to the devices connected to the Wi-Fi access point in the rest area / parking area.

Fundamental patent for instructions over Streaming Video from Smart Devices


The patent is for technology that allows graphic instructions to be placed over live streaming video from smart devices, including smartphones, tablets and smart glasses. With this technology, OPTiM is providing essential smooth communication (experience sharing, remote instruction, operation support) for the IoT age.
(Japan patent no. 5192462)

Application Example)
Remote medical consultation service Pocket Doctor

Pocket Doctor uses OPTiM’s existing remote management technology, which was optimized in the development of this project to best suit the requirements for remote medical consultation. This technology, in combination with MRT’s wealth of medical knowledge and network of doctors and medical institutions, allows for Pocket Doctor to match those in need of medical advice with specialists, no matter they are located. Patients can use their built-in cameras in their smart devices to show their complexions and conditions.

Application Example)
Remote operational work dedicated smart glass Remote Action

Remote Action is a remote operational work dedicated smart glass to be equipped to an on-site worker that allows capturing the actual worksite condition and remotely receiving operation instructions and support. With this, a remote operator can review a site’s status with real-time images and provide detailed support. Since the on-site worker wears the smart glass, they can use it hands-free, optimizing their work. Furthermore, it is used for farm work in the three-party collaboration agreement for IT Agriculture with Saga University and Saga Prefecture.

Application Example)
Visual remote support service Optimal Second Sight

Optimal Second Sight is a service that shares video taken by the camera of a smart device. With Optimal Second Sight, a remote operator can review a site’s status in real-time from an on-site worker’s point of view and provide detailed support, as if he or she were there in person. This service is used by Komatsu Ltd, where it helps provide remote support to construction sites.

The premier technology for preventing vulnerabilities in mobile security

Secure Shield

OPTiM has a patent right on displaying a dummy settings screen instead of the regular one when detecting a request to show the settings screen of a smart device.

※Patents were acquired in Japan, U.S.A. and Korea for the world’s first shield technology, “Secure Shield,” included standard in Optimal Biz. The patent is also under application in European countries and other countries.

Patent number (patent registration complete)
Japan: Patent no. 5714560, U.S.A.: US8793703, Korea: KR101505893

Application number (patent pending)
Europe: EP2746933, China: CN103885671

Common MDM loopholes

With the constraints on Android OS, there is a security loophole due to the common setting that prevents an MDM’s API control, allowing illicit use of the device.

Application Example)
Secure Shield

Secure Shield closes this loophole by bringing up a dummy settings screen so that no changes can be made to the common MDM API control settings.

Fundamental patented technology for screen-sharing

OPTiM acquired two fundamental patent rights in a category of screen-sharing technology.

OPTiM has a patent right of screen-sharing technology that acquires dimensions of the host device’s displayable area and adjusts the screen display ratio of the sharing devices to be the same or near to the width/height acquired.
Patent number (patent registration complete)
Japan: Patent no. 5756156

Moreover, OPTiM has another unique screen information display technology that allows a device performing remote control to judge whether a device displaying screen information is in vertical orientation or horizontal orientation and to display the screen accordingly.
Patent number (patent registration complete)
Japan: Patent no. 5653301

These technologies allow the best experiences shared among host and sharing devices. OPTiM considers that these are fundamental patents that affect a wide range of products. So, OPTiM will further develop services utilizing these patents and plan to provide the license including patent right use for other corporates.

Product examples using the patents

Fundamental patented technology for securing vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized remote control

※Patents have been acquired in Japan and Korea for this technology that blocks unauthorized remote control, included standard in Optimal Guard. Patents pending in U.S.A., China, and Europe.

Preventing unauthorized remote control (this technology evaluates the execution’s validity, and then blocks unauthorized remote control)

Patent number (patent registration complete)
Japan: Patent no. 5702352

Application number (patent pending)
U.S.A.: US13/743428, Korea: KR20120149587, China: CN201310098864, Europe: EP13153104

Cross site request forgeries (CSRF) prevention (this technology evaluates suspicious text and blocks unauthorized writing)

Patent number (patent registration complete)
Japan: Patent no. 5727991, Korea: KR101399522

Application number (patent pending)
U.S.A.: US13/751254, China: CN201310098826, Europe: EP13153102

Technology use examples

Unauthorized remote control of a network camera for taking pictures or video can be detected and stopped. Computers that contain “My Number” data (Japan’s Social Security and Tax numbering system) can be protected from unauthorized, malicious remote control from third parties.
(Individuals found to have leaked “My Number” data can be imprisoned for up to four years or fined up to 2 million yen.)

1st place in the patent asset individual ranking

Shunji Sugaya, OPTiM President, has been ranked the number one Japanese in patent registration score in the telecommunications field!
[Telecommunications] Patents made in for the telecommunications field within all the patents made public by the Japanese Patent Office from 1993 to January 2015

1st place in the patent asset volume ranking

※The largest ratio of patent asset volume to number of registered patents

※Results based on the total “Patent Score” for each enterprise for patents registered between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2012.
OPTiM had 19 registered patents considered in this ranking, resulting in 9th place.

※Source: News release by Patent Result Co., Ltd.
From October 9, 2012 news release http://www.patentresult.co.jp/news/2012/10/telecom.html

※”Patent Score” is an index that evaluates the attention level paid to a patent and traces a patent’s qualification history after application.
From http://www.patentresult.co.jp/about-patentscore.html

No. of applications and registered patents (as of Oct. 2015)

3rd place in the comprehensive domestic patent rankings for the IoT field

Source: “Comprehensive patent rankings for electronic device management,” Patent Result Co., Ltd. (October 2014)

1st place in the emerging market ranking

※1: Market capitalization was calculated from the market values taken on December 5, 2014.

※2: “Patent value market value index” is the value resulting from dividing market capitalization by patent asset volume. When patent asset volume is high, but the stock value is low, this figure will be low.

Patent List

OPTiM highly focuses on intellectual property strategy for customers to use our products with a sense of security. Here are part of our intellectual property. (“under application” included)

Patent No.4949534 Diagnostic Server, diagnostic method, program for a diagnostic server
Patent No.4882036 Information process equipment/method determining type of electric devices
Patent No.4912503 Information process equipment/method, server for electric devices
Patent No.5084886 Setting method and a system for electronic device configuration via a phone call
Patent No.5127896 Method, devices, and programs for determining switching timing to a power saving mode
Patent No.4618619 Remote control system and its process method
Patent No.4660856 Remote control system and its process method
Patent No.5031864 A system displaying belongings list and its method and programs
Patent No.5127852 A system out putting recommendation and its method and programs
Patent No.4897899 Ticket number issuing system/program
Patent No.4990987 Configuration management system using mobile devices for electronic device and its management method, a server, and mobile devices
Patent No.4882008 Information process equipment/system/method/program sending pages or program based on types of electric devices
Patent No.4898927 Information process equipment/method/program sending pages or program based on types of electric devices.
Patent No.4803847 Power-saving mode switching equipment/system/method/program
Patent No.4846016 Consumed-power management equipment displaying consumed power based on types of electronic devices and its system, method, programs
Patent No.5107320 Environment management method, system, and programs
Patent No.5117458 Network equipment, power control method and programs
Patent No.4824100 Network management method based on types of devices, network management equipment, programs
Patent No.4855499 Information process equipment determining a type of electronic devices and its method, a server
Patent No.5084782 Detection method for relaying devices
Patent No.4895405 Security management method based on device reputation
Patent No.5107300 Notifying user server, system, and server
Patent No.5009948 Time zone notifying system
Patent No.4999196 Answering customer system
Patent No.5020924 Electronic device detection method and information process equipment
Patent No.4815481 Network relay equipment, user information management system/method
Patent No.4914414 Portable device and execution/control method
Patent No.5062901 Web page displaying method
Patent No.5072664 EC substitution system, and mehtod
Patent No.4629710 Storage system/method, client device, contents playing method/computer program
Patent No.4664339 Network connection method, network equipment
Patent No.4602312 Device setting equipment/method, storage device/program
Patent No.4741301 Information search system, Information search equipment and storage device/program
Patent No.4868728 Information process equipment, method, and its programs
Patent No.4623497 Remote control system and its process method
Patent No.4418190 Media distribution system/method, media distribution equipment and computer program
Patent No.4355465 Advertisement notice system
Patent No.4625592 Advertisement notice system and advertisement notice method
Patent No.4418190 Advertisement distribution method and equipment
Patent No.8301625
Information process equipment for determining a type of electronic devices, and its method and a server
Patent No.7882206
Information search system/equipment/method, storage device/program.
Patent No.10-1209014
Information process equipment for determining a type of electronic devices, and its method
Patent No.10-1204276
Mobile device changing user interface and its method and programs
Patent No.10-0604359
Advertisement notice system