OPTiM Remote World 2015 - OPTiM's New Service Roll-out Event

OPTiM proudly unveiled Remote Experience Sharing, its remote technology strategy for the IoT/Wearables era, at OPTiM Remote World 2015, OPTiM's new service roll-out event. Remote Experience Sharing is an environment that allows everyone to remotely share experience (knowledge, know-how, and information) with individuals/groups in real-time, contributing to a world in which users can enjoy the benefits of technology’s evolution without being an expert. And to ensure the realization of Remote Experience Sharing, OPTiM has rolled out four new services!


In the face of rapidly-evolving technology, the popularization of smartphones/tablets, and the improvement of communication infrastructures’ speed/quality, smart device usage is increasing in-home and at-work. Moreover, smart device usage is expected to further increase with the dawn of the IoT/Wearables era. These developments are making our lives easier, while at the same time necessitating that we learn a rapidly-growing number of new devices and technologies. Making this environment even more complex is the fact that Japan's workforce is shrinking due to the graying of the current workforce and the decrease of the national birthrate. This has led to a large-scale societal problem, a symptom of which is the lack of specialists across a variety of industries.

These issues have given rise to a demand for every worker to diversify his/her knowledge base, thus placing increased stress on the worker. To remedy the situation, OPTiM created Remote Experience Sharing, which emphasizes the effectiveness of remote technology.

Realizing Remote Experience Sharing

To realize Remote Experience Sharing, OPTiM will concentrate on these four areas:

1. Launch Visual Remote Support Service:Provision of Optimal Second Sight

With Optimal Second Sight, a remote operator can assume the user’s point of view in real-time and provide comprehensive support, as if he/she was actually on-site. Optimal Second Sight is ideal for companies suffering from labor shortages or support cost increases.

2. Strengthen Collaboration Service:Optia version upgrade

Since its 2013 debut, Optia, the world's first service to enable smartphone voice/screen-sharing among family and friends, has been utilized by countless users in many countries. Optia provides various advantages, i.e. choosing a meet-up spot while viewing the same map during a phone conversation, and selecting a restaurant for dinner while reviewing the same dining review site.

And now, a major Optia version upgrade is coming soon, with plenty of exciting new features in addition to the basic features already patented in both Japan and America. Pre-release will commence spring 2015 in Japan, one of the world’s most advanced mobile environments.

◆Planned version upgrade:
  • Merging with voice call
  • VoLTE supported
  • Carrier-free
  • VoIP incorporated
  • All Android™ devices supported※1 (Android™ 5.0 Lollipop and later)
  • Provision of free version with advertisements

※1 Available features differ depending on each user’s environment(Android™ OS version, device type, etc.).

※Please note that the content above is in development and subject to change without notice.

3. Strengthen Collaboration Service: Provision of Optimal Meeting (tentative)

Optimal Meeting (tentative), a screen-sharing service that’s easier to use than a current meeting room monitor or projector, requires no registration or installation, and enables materials sharing and collaboration easier than a web conference system. Meeting participants can start screen-sharing and collaborating simply by entering a pre-issued number into their smartphone or PC.

When sharing materials on a TV monitor via a PC screen, precious time is often lost because of various issues, i.e. connector type, compatibility, monitor control, etc. But with Optimal Meeting (tentative), you can enjoy seamless materials sharing and collaboration whenever and wherever you like!

※Please note that the content above is in development and subject to change without notice.

4. Make Optimal One Platform open: Provision of Communication SDK

Since its founding, OPTiM has been committed to developing and improving the efficiency and quality of the Optimal One Platform, a development base to standardize services. OPTiM is happy to announce that we will soon make the Optimal One Platform open -- and, as the first step, we’ll provide Communication SDK, one of its core components. This means our alliance partners can now utilize the high-quality features, including patents, which OPTiM has cultivated. Recruitment of alliance partners will commence in the near future.

Merging with IoT/Wearables

The world is entering an era in which everything will be connected to the Internet, meaning we can remotely grasp the status of a device or take control of anything immediately. This will have profound implications on our professional and personal lives.

In December 2014, OPTiM formed a business alliance with Telepathy Japan Inc., a provider of smart glass-type wearable devices. Together we are steadily proceeding with research and development in preparation for the IoT/Wearables era. OPTiM will consistently refine its service offerings until everyone can remotely share their experiences in real-time, bringing never-before-seen convenience to our professional and personal lives thanks to the power of technology.