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Technology, Function

When I register my iOS ID, the downloaded certification file is ".txt," not ".dat." Why is that?
You might be using Internet Explorer. Please try again using a different browser.
Do you have a plan to support pattern lock?
Not at the moment, since there's no OS API that enforces pattern lock.
How do I know if remote wipe was performed successfully?
When you execute remote wipe, the device is initialized -- which means there won't be any communication. However, you can confirm a successful wipe by viewing the "last communication date." Also, you can refer to the management site logs.
How do I know if remote lock was performed successfully?
You can refer to the management site logs.
On the management site, which settings have limits?
Number of manageable devices → depends on license contract
User group → up to 50 groups
Groups in a user group → up to 300 groups
Email addresses to be set [Notification Setting] → up to 30 addresses

White/Black list [Application Prohibition] → up to 300 applications
SSID to be set [Wi-Fi Filtering] → up to 300 SSIDs
URL to be set [Web Filtering] → up to 1,000 URLs
Recommended/Unrecommended applications [Application Detection] → up to 50 applications
Network to be configured [Wi-Fi] → up to 5
Applications [Application Distribution] → up to 300 applications
Bookmarks → up to 300
Contact List per set → up to 1000

[Upload Configuration Profile] → up to 50 profiles
Profiles to be linked to one profile → up to 10 profiles
※if the number of registered profiles is under 10, then the number of registered profiles is the limit.
[Original Application Registration] → up to 50 applications
[Application Distribution] → up to 50 applications
[Application Detection] → up to 50 applications
When is Remote Wipe executed?
If a device is online, Remote Wipe occurs when the device synchs with the server. If a device is offline or in sleep mode, Remote Wipe occurs at the next sync time/date.

Remote Wipe occurs when a device receives a "wipe command" from the Apple server.
Is it possible to use the "Application Distribution" function with App Store prohibited?
Yes. By using the "Original Application Registration" function, you can send a notification to have users download applications.
Is it possible to distribute applications without the App Store?
Yes. By using the "Original Application Registration" function, you can send a notification to have users download applications.
To restore backed-up data, do I need to reinstall an agent after executing Remote Wipe?
Yes. After you've reinstalled an agent, you can restore data using a restore code.
Is the agent deleted once Remote Wipe is executed?
Is it possible to restore backed-up data if the data has been deleted from a device?
Yes, partially. The data that's restorable is as follows:
System settings (some settings will be limited)
Wi-Fi settings
Wi-Fi network
Contact list
How do I ensure that the "notification of application distribution" is delivered only once?
If you activate the "application distribution" function, the server sends the notification every time Sync is performed. To stop the notification, either deactivate the "application distribution" function, or install the application.
Can a user who doesn't have access to the management site see a list of authenticated devices?
A user without access to the management site cannot see the list on the site. However, an administrator can export the list and give it to any user who needs to see it.
Is it possible to prohibit pre-installed applications?
How can I see the status of "no communication," and "compromised"?
The system sends an email notification; also, the "problem devices" are highlighted in red on the management site.
To set alert notification, do I need to install a dedicated application for the function?
Other than an MDM application, no.
If "Configuration Profile" is deleted from an offline device, is an alert notification sent?
Is it possible to control the activation timing of command execution/settings?
No, but on Android you can control the communication interval.
Is it possible to perform lock, wipe, and profile configuration over WiFi?
When managing iOS devices, must I register a certificate file for each device?
The only certificate file you need to register is the one for the management site.
Why is the Sync time in the log different from the communication interval?
Except for license authentication, all logs are based on device time. Since it takes several seconds for the device to process internally, there's a time lag.
Are the default settings reflected on all authenticated devices?
The same settings are reflected on all devices upon authentication. However, it's not possible to reflect different settings on different devices.
Is it possible that the real number of users/devices exceeds the number displayed on the management site?
No. You can only manage devices and create users within the number displayed on the management site.
When I try to upload a certificate file, a "Select a certificate file" error message appears. What does this mean?
You may have selected the wrong file. Please check if the file extension is ".pem." Also, if you use Internet Explorer, the Apple Push Certificates Portal might not be displayed properly, thus preventing you from uploading the file. In this case, please try another browser.
Can I re-register iOS ID?
I registered iOS ID, but cannot distribute the configuration profile.
Please see if the same problem occurs when you distribute other profiles. If it does, please contact us.
What data is backed-up when using the "System Settings" back-up function?
Backed-up items are listed below. Items marked with (※) are backed up but unavailable for restoration due to Android security restrictions.

1 Auto-rotate screen (※)
2 Airplane mode
3 Date/time auto-setting value
4 Date format
5 24-hour format
6 Audio touchtones
7 Audio selection
8 Input Vibration
9 Animation speed of screen switch
10 Animation speed of window switch
11 Brightness(⇒Reflected after device restart or sleep mode)
12 Screen timeout
13 Sleep mode setting(※)
14 Show password setting(※)
When I distribute a contact list, is it overwritten on devices?
Can I check a device's UDID from the management console?
Apple doesn't encourage acquiring/using UDID, therefore it's not supported.
How can I distribute my own application without using iTunes?
You can upload the app to the management site as an "Original Application," then distribute it.
What's the difference between passcode compliance (device) and passcode compliance(profile)?
If the passcode policy setting in the profile differs from the actual passcode setting, a "it is not compliant" message will appear. If all policies including profiles differ, a "it is not compliant" message will appear.
From the management site, can I see whether a passcode has been changed by an iOS user?
If a user's device status changes from "No passcode" to "Passcode exists," you will notice. If the value of "Passcode protection" is "Protected," then the passcode is set.
If I delete a profile from a device, is the number of assets automatically decreased?
No, the number of assets isn't automatically decreased. The device information will remain on the management site. If you want to reduce the number of assets, delete the device from the management site.
If I don't press Sync, can Sync still be performed?
If you don't press Sync, it will be still performed by regular communication (polling). Also, it's possible to sync from a device.
If I press Sync, which device is reflected?
If you press Sync, the device you're referring to on the management site will be synched, as long as "Agent Group Settings" is not set and the device has "push notice" enabled.
Can I see which telecom provider a device uses?
Yes, by following these steps:
Android: [Info] → [Network Operator]
iOS: [Info] → [Home Carrier Network Name]
Can I restrict installation of a specific app?
No. However, on Android you can restrict installation of all apps by using the "Install Prohibition" function.
Regarding the SD card feature, what's the difference between "PC Connecting" and "Not PC Connecting"?
"PC Connecting" is a setting to restrict SD Card usage while connected to a PC. "Not PC Connecting" is a setting to restrict SD Card usage while disconnected from a PC.
What happens if I delete a configuration profile?
You'll no longer be able to manage the device on the management site, and the devices' configuration profile will be deleted as well. Devices will revert to their original status.
Can I lock a device that hasn't been synched for a while?
Yes, by configuring "Link Timeout" in the "Agent Common Settings" menu.
If Remote Lock or Remote Wipe fails, should I send the same command again?
Android: you don't have to send the command again because it will be executed every time the device is synched, until it's lifted. If a device's battery is empty, the command will execute once it's charged.

iOS: Apple's push server retains the command for a specified period which is not announced. So, within this specified time period you don't have to push the command again. To confirm the command's result, refer to the log.
When synchronization is done via the management site, is it immediately reflected on the device?
There are two kinds of synchronization:
1) With "Push communications," a device is immediately synched as long as it's online. Click the Sync button to push commands.
2) "Polling" is a function used to regularly sync devices with the server.
What information can I set in the Contact List's "distribute" function?
You can set:
[Last name]
[First name]
[Phonetic last name]
[Phonetic first name]
[Phone number]
[e-mail address]
Can I cancel a license via the management site?
Yes, by checking a device on the device list and then clicking [▽] → [Bulk Delete]. Please note that the agent or configuration profile will remain.
How can I create an administrator user?
1.Click [Menu] → [User] → [+]
2.Fill out the fields, select "Administrator" in the "User type" menu and then click "Save."
Can I create more than one administrator user?
Yes. You can create as many as the contact license allows.
When distributing a contact list, is a phone number mandatory?
Contact list distribution is a feature for Android.
As long as at least one of the items below is filled, you can distribute a contact list:

Last name
First name
Phonetic name
What is "Time to auto-lock"?
"Time to auto-lock" represents the amount of time before a device is automatically locked after its most recent operation.
Does the "Password policy" remain in effect even after canceling agent authentication?
If you cancel agent authentication, the "Password policy" will also be deleted. (On version 4.3 or earlier, it remains until the agent is uninstalled). Even though the "Password policy" is deleted, the existing password won't be changed.
How can I cancel the password policy?
When you set the "screen lock" setting to "Unspecified," the password policy will be canceled.
If I prohibit the Camera app, will certain apps become unusable?
If you prohibit the Camera app, then apps that have camera permission will be unavailable.
I can't log into the management site. What should I do?
Please re-check your login information (Company code, User ID/email address, password) and confirm that you are authorized to access the page.
It's also possible you might be a user without "read privilege." To confirm your status, please contact your service provider.
If a device isn't authenticated, is "policy setting" unavailable?
If a device isn't authenticated, it won't appear on the management site. Therefore, "policy setting" is unavailable.
I rendered some functions unavailable, but they're still usable. Why is that?
Your changes may not yet be reflected on the device(s). Check the sync time -- if it's earlier than the time the changes were made, then the changes haven't been reflected on the device(s).
What does the "SD Card" function restrict?
The "SD Card" function restricts reading/writing data onto an SD Card, and also whether or not to allow SD Card usage.
Where can I find the latest manuals?
The latest manuals are available at the bottom of the management site, under "Help."
Is it possible to set a new policy on a device that's already controlled by an existing policy?
Regarding the "Contact list" function, what are the key values?
The key values are as follows:
[Last name]
[Fist name]
[Phone number]

If these keys are already registered, or if there is contact info that includes these keys, the data with these keys won't be registered.
Can I set a communication interval?
Yes, but only on Android. The options are every 10 minutes, every 30 minutes, or on an hourly/daily basis.
From the management site, can I refer to SD Card apps?
What are the steps to set device policy?
■Administrator side:
1.After closing a contact, ID/PASS/Company Code are provided.
2.Log in to the management site.
3.Create a policy on the management site.
4.Select a device, then allocate the policy.

■Device side:
1.In a standard browser, access the URL that the administrator provided you with.
2.Install the agent software.
3.Authenticate the device with the "Company code" and "Authentication code" provided by the administrator.
How can I tell which devices haven't synched with the server for a specified period?
Devices that haven't synched with the server for a specified period are highlighted in red.
How do I confirm whether agent software has been installed?
If a device appears on the management site, it means the agent software was installed.
What functions are unavailable if a SIM card isn't inserted?
There are no unavailable functions related to SIM card absence.
Is "WiFi Filtering" supported on iOS?
How do I configure items in the "Application Distribution" function?
Configurable items are as follows:

・Application Name: input an app name.
・Package Name: input the application's package name.
・Version: input the application's version.
・URL: input the URL needed to download the application.

※All of these are required.
How can I tell if an agent or configuration profile has been deleted?
You can predict by the last sync time. If an agent has been deleted, the device is no longer able to sync with the server.

If a device meets the following conditions, you'll be able to see on the management site whether a profile has been deleted:
・The configuration file's version is 4.4 or later
・The device OS is iOS5 or later

If the configuration profile is deleted while online, the word "compromised" will be displayed in red next to the sync time. If the device doesn't meet the above conditions, you can predict from the last sync time. If the configuration profile is deleted, the device is no longer able to sync with the server.

You can also use the "No Communication Detection" function for both Android and iOS.
After installing an iOS agent, why does an arrow icon appear?
For 3G, when the iOS-specific "change service location" is turned ON, the arrow icon appears. To make it disappear, turn the MDM agent OFF (Setting→Privacyー→Location Service). Please note that if you do this, location accuracy will be diminished.
How can I tell when the network status in the "Network" menu is updated?
Network status is updated at sync time via network information collected from agents. If a device is deleted from the management site, it disappears from the Network Map too.
What happens if I set the wrong license number from the SP site?
If the number is lower than the actual number, an error message will appear.
How can I check the results of a regular sync?
Logs related to regular sync are not recorded. However, If there are changes caused by the sync, these changes are recorded in logs. You can also refer to the communication date displayed in the "Admin" menu.
How are devices identified?
Devices are identified by IMEI and MAC address.
The system first identifies a device with IMEI; if the IMEI doesn't exist, the MAC address will be used as a key.
After authentication, every device is given a unique ID called GUID; devices are then managed via the GUID.
What happens if I replace the SIM card of an authenticated device with another SIM card?
Switching SIM cards may trigger "SIM lock," and the device will be identified as the "pre-switch" version.
What happens if I cancel the license linked to a device and then re-authenticate it after replacing the SIM card with a new one?
The device will be registered as the "pre-license cancellation" version. If the device's data is saved on the server prior to cancellation, it overwrites the device data before cancellation.
What happens if I cancel the license linked to the device and then re-authenticate it?
The device will be registered as the "pre-license cancellation" version. If the device's data is saved on the server prior to cancellation, it overwrites the device data before cancellation.
What happens if I authenticate after switching the SIM to another device?
It will be registered as a different device from the "pre-SIM switch" device.
Can Optimal Biz manage devices that lack a SIM card?
Optimal Biz can manage devices lacking a SIM card. However, the device must be authenticated without SIM. If you authenticate the device with SIM and then remove the SIM, "SIM lock" occurs.
Is "WiFi filtering" available for iOS?
Are there function restrictions depending on the device type?
Please see "Supported Devices for Android Agent" in the "Help" menu at the bottom of the management console.
Can I manage devices from different cariers on a single management console?
Yes. Please see the "Supported Device List" for the supported devices.
When the device is updated, do I need to update the "Agent" app too?
Basically, you don't need to update the "Agent" when updating the device. However, due to the upgrade on the device side, you do need to overwrite install once the device is updated.
How can I check the user list of a user group?
A list isn't displayed, but you can check status by visiting "Menu / User" and designating "user group" as a search target.
How can I check a list of devices belonging to a certain user group?
The system doesn't display such a list, but you can check user status by visiting the "Asset" tab and setting "user" as a search target. Or, by setting "device custom item," you can see category status based on device custom.
Is there a function that detects whether a user deletes an agent from a device?
There is no such function. You can determine the status by the last sync time.
An email alert is sent if a profile is deleted while the device is online regardless of OS.

Also, there's a notification function that informs you when devices haven't synched for a specified time.
Is it possible to control roaming settings on iOS?
Yes, but only on iOS5.0 or later. You can control both voice roaming and data roaming.
Regarding the "Application Distribution" function, what must end-users do?
Android: end-users must access a URL and then download/install a file.
iOS: end-users must install/download a file via a portal.
If a device has no reception or is offline, when will it sync?
Android: the push command will remain effective for one minute. If a device is out of service during this time, it will sync the next time around.
Sync options are as follows:
① Sync from a device
② Sync from the management site
③ Regular sync
 ※Visit "Agent Common Settings" to set sync interval. 10 minutes is the shortest.
 ※A device will sync when it comes online.

iOS: When a device is online, it will sync via Apple's APNS server.
Why doesn't "Location" appear in the "Assets" tab?
"Location" appears when location info is sent to the server. Once it's displayed, it won't disappear.
Which setting takes priority if "Bulk Asset Settings" is performed on a device that belongs to more than one group?
The most-recently applied setting.
What is the passcode for unlocking Android devices?
See "The way to unlock the Android device's remote lock" in "Agent Common Settings." Please note that if you don't lift the remote lock setting, the device will be locked at every sync time.
The message "Installing a profile is temporarily delayed" appeared when I tried to distribute an iOS configuration profile. What does this mean?
This message appears when a device is turned off. The distribution will execute when the device is turned on.
Why is "Remote Control" the only listing in an iOS device's "Assets" tab?
"Remote Control," "Remote Wipe" and "Delete Passcode" are urgent commands, so they're listed separate from "Assets." These commands are executed even if a device is in sleep mode.
What are the naming rules for device names displayed as "default"?
There are three rules:
① Device recognizes SIM Card:
Device name + Phone number
② Device doesn't recognize SIM Card:
Device name +IMEI information
③ Device doesn't need a SIM card (i.e. tablets):
Device name + MAC address
Why is the "device name" phone number different from the phone number in "Info"?
The "device name" phone number is acquired from the SIM Card when the device is first synched. Since the phone number in "Info" is the number acquired from the SIM card at the most recent sync, it's possible the SIM card may have been changed.
Is it possible to distribute multiple configuration profiles to a device?
Yes. You can distribute up to 12 configuration profiles. (Configuration Profile: 10; Individual configuration profile: 1; Exchange: 1).
What do "Communication Date" and "Authentication Date/Time" mean?
"Communication Date" is the lastest sync day/time. If the Communication Date doesn't change after clicking "Sync," refresh the screen. "Authentication Date/Time" shows the server sync time when a license is first authenticated.
How can I check the status of installed applications?
You can either refer to "App" in the "Device" menu, or export an Application Report. Also, you can set an alarm via the "Application Detection" function.
How does "Application Detection" work?
Once a day, Application Detection collects an application list and compares it with the management site's "Recommended/Not recommended" specifications.

Price, Terms of Service

Is Optimal Biz automatically cancelled when I cancel the device subscription?
Optimal Biz is not automatically cancelled if you cancel the device subscription. You must manually uninstall the Agent and delete the device from the management console. When the device has not communicated for more than a certain period of time, it will display in red. You can remove the alert after confirmation.
How much does Optimal Biz cost?
Please contact us for a quote.
How is the service offered?
The service is typically provided on SaaS, but it's also available via OEM or on-premises. Please contact us for details.
Can we launch the service immediately?
Do you have plans to support Japanese-exclusive services like FeliCa or one-segment broadcasting?
These plans are currently under consideration.
How do I learn about product upgrades?
We send email notifications to our subscribers.
Can we preinstall the service?
Can we sell it as a reseller?
Yes. Please contact us for details.
We'd like to customize our existing service. Is this possible?
Yes. Please contact us for details.

Supported Device/OS, Device-independent Function

Can I prohibit SD cards?
Is iOS supported?
How do you support new OS/devices?
We plan to increase the number of supported devices according to market share.
Which devices are supported?
We support most of the latest devices. For details, please see the "Supported Devices" list.
Are there any differences in available functions based on device make or carrier?
Certain functions are unique to Android/iOS platform, 3G/4G model, etc., and therefore are not available on all devices.
Is your service available for devices that only have WiFi?


Where is your data center located?
That information is confidential.
Do you have SDK?
Yes, but not for public use.