World’s First! OPTiM to Release Unauthorized Remote Control Protection Software “Optimal Guard”

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Press Release

December 7th, 2012
OPTiM Corporation

World’s First! OPTiM to Release Unauthorized Remote Control Protection Software "Optimal Guard"

 OPTiM Corporation, which is headquartered in Tokyo’s Minato-ku, will release unauthorized remote control protection software, “Optimal Guard”, which is designed as countermeasures for PC remote control viruses, in late January. The price is 9,800 (tax excluded).
 This product is the first to offer you measures for Cross Site Request Forgeries*, which has been believed to be difficult to manage, in the world. It restricts stealthy glance to your PC screen and provides real-time malicious remote control monitoring.

*A type of malicious exploit that launches unauthorized programs (malicious JavaScript) that sends out messages to particular a website without notice.

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 Optimal Guard offers you following 4 features.(Applied for patent:No. 2012-240003, No. 2012-248865)

1. Unauthorized stealthy glance: Remote Control Monitoring/Restriction

Detects screen transfer caused by remote control viruses and restricts transmitting to other parties.

Malicious Remote

Remote control virus(malware) transmits screens to other parties(criminal). “Optimal Guard” prevents unauthorized screen transmission by detecting screen transfer caused by remote control viruses.

2. Malicious key logger: Key Logger Detection/Restriction

Blocks sending input information from a key board to other parties.


Malware records character strings input by users, and sends out the information to other parties (criminal). “Optimal Guard” blocks transmitting input information by detecting key logger programs.

3. Cross Site Request Forgeries/Unauthorized POST Commands: POST Contents Search

Prevents unauthorized POST commands containing inappropriate character strings without users' consent.


If a user clicks a link on a message board, malware (malicious JavaScript) runs and posts unauthorized messages to a certain web site. “Optimal Guard” blocks unauthorized posts to a web site.

4. False accusation: Packet logs

Records logs of communication caused by viruses for future analysis.

Packet Log

“Optimal Guard” records communication logs (packet logs) for future analysis.

Antivirus software determines viruses by comparing them with pattern files, which means viruses not listed on pattern files cannot be detected. On the other hand, “Optimal Guard” detects behaviors caused by virus software, which allows protecting PCs from unknown viruses. “Optimal Guard” will be sold through OPTiM’s reselling partners at 9,800 (tax excluded) starting from late January.

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