“Optimal Guard,” the World’s 1st Impersonation Prevention Solution, Has Been Adopted to the Security Watch Service by NTT West

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OPTiM Corporation

“Optimal Guard,” the World’s 1st Impersonation Prevention Solution, Has Been Adopted to the Security Watch Service by NTT West

Tokyo – OPTiM Corporation, the leader in providing IT support solutions that enhances creativity, collaboration, and convenience while online, today announced that “Optimal Guard” had been officially adopted to the security watch service called “セキュリティ機能 見張り番(Security Watcher, MIHARI-BAN),” provided by Nippon Telegraph And Telephone West Corporation (NTT West). The service will be available from August 1st (※1), for the subscribers of FLET’S Hikari services provided by NTT West.

“Optimal Guard” is the solution for impersonation attacks, which OPTiM developed for the very first time in the world.

“Optimal Guard” achieved the implementation of the impersonation prevention(※2) solution for the very first time in the world, which was long believed to be difficult to manage. As the world’s first solution, it monitors and restricts the stealthy glance at your PC that could leak confidential information, it also prevents illegal remote control in real-time.

“Optimal Guard” offers the following 4 features (patents pending):

 1. Stealthy Glance Prevention:
   Detects illegal screen transfer or key logger, blocks sending information to the unauthorized third    parties
 2. Remote Control Monitoring:
   Monitors and protects PCs from illegal remote control by other parties
 3. Spoofing Prevention:
   Monitors and prevents illegal impersonate posting against user’s intention
 4. Packet Logs:
   Identifies unknown operations by malicious programs from the communication packet log

Antivirus software compares the pattern file, that contains the description of the know virus, with the target file to be inspected. If both files match, it recognizes the target file a virus, however, if not, there is nothing more the antivirus software can do about it.

On the other hand, “Optimal Guard” recognizes the behavior of the virus itself, such as illegal remote manipulation and unknown keyboard strokes, it provides the solution (software) for unknown virus that antivirus software cannot detect.

※1 “セキュリティ機能 見張り番(Security Watcher – MIHARI-BAN” is available at Provider fee + FLET’S fee + 199.5JPY(tax incl.)/month.
※2 Attack known as Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF). Upon clicking the link in an online message board on the visited site, a malicious program (malicious JavaScript) will be executed and post messages against user’s intention.

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Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM, provides solutions that reduce support costs for enterprises and is focused on evolving online experiences so that the Internet becomes something that you aren’t even conscious of—like the air you breathe. OPTiM’s suite of solutions includes setup, diagnostic and marketing tools for NGN and home networks, and also targets mobile devices, routers, TVs, gaming platforms, multifunction peripherals, servers, printers and DVD recorders.

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