Support for Windows® XP after End of Microsoft® Extended Support
For OPTiM Products

Microsoft® has announced that the End of Extended Support for Windows® XP is April 9, 2014 (in Japan local time). OPTiM strongly recommends and it is desirable that our clients migrate or upgrade to newer OS before it ends. However, in reality, it is expected that many companies and users would continue to run Windows® XP.

To accommodate it, OPTiM will continue to support current versions of our products running on Windows® XP beyond April for a limited time as per the following diagram:

extended support image

If you have questions about the extended support for other products than the above, please contact us from:

OPTiM will remove any notation related to Windows® XP, such as in our Web site, brochures and of such kinds, and Windows® XP will not be supported after April 9, 2014 (in Japan local time). Also, please be notified that we may not be able to solve troubles caused by or result from Windows® XP.

We greatly appreciate your kind understanding.