A Global First! “Optimal Biz” is the First Third-Party MDM to Provide a Parental Control Function Supporting Windows RT 8.1! An achievement realized through full cooperation with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.!

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OPTiM Corporation

A Global First! “Optimal Biz” is the First Third-Party MDM to Provide
a Parental Control Function Supporting Windows RT 8.1!
An achievement realized through full cooperation with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.!

Tokyo (August 18, 2014) - OPTiM, a leading provider of online IT support solutions that enable creativity, collaboration and convenience, proudly announces that Optimal Biz (Japan's #1 ※1 MDM ※2) now provides a parental control function which restricts services and content that are harmful to children. In cooperation with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, and led by CEO Yasuyuki Higuchi) (“Microsoft Japan”), Optimal Biz's parental control function supports Windows RT 8.1, making Optimal Biz the world's first※3 third-party MDM to offer a Windows RT 8.1-compatible parental control function. Moreover, Ritsumeikan Primary School (located in Kita-ku, Kyoto, Japan and led by Principal Kyoko Ukita) started using this function during the current summer break. Optimal Biz's parental control function enables the web filtering used in-school to be used outside of school, thus protecting students from inappropriate content when using their tablet PC during non-school hours. Optimal Biz's technology handles everything, meaning parents don't need to change/configure the web filtering settings by themselves.

【Development Background】

Nowadays, the utilization and application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in the educational field -- i.e. electronic blackboards and tablet devices -- is promoted primarily by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, as well as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Ritsumeikan Primary School introduced a Windows RT tablet PC (Microsoft Surface) in November 2013, providing one tablet PC for every fifth and sixth-grade student for in-class use. With the web filtering function located on the school's server, the school administrator manages the tablet PCs and prohibits students from browsing inappropriate content during classes.

Ritsumeikan Primary School considered the idea of letting students bring their tablet PCs home for use during the summer break, but the web filtering function on the school's server could not be applied when students used their tablet PCs outside of school. As a result, parents had to take responsibility for configuring the appropriate out-of-school web filtering protocols.

Recognizing an opportunity to support schools and students, OPTiM developed its web filtering function using MS-MDM※4 protocol through full cooperation with Microsoft Japan, making OPTiM the world's first third-party to develop such technology. OPTiM subsequently offered the product to Ritsumeikan Primary School, and now the school's tablet PCs can access only the websites that the school administrator approves, regardless of whether the student is in or out of school. OPTiM's revolutionary technology means students can now work in a safe online environment regardless of their location!

<Main Features>

  • With the standard “Family Safety” function on a Windows RT tablet, an administrator must configure each device individually, which requires a considerable amount of time and money. But with Optimal Biz's solution, an administrator can configure devices in bulk and greatly reduce his/her workload.
  • By segmenting device users into groups (i.e. classes), different filter settings can be easily configured/managed based on the device user.
  • In instances where web filtering is facilitated by a proxy server, every attempt to access prohibited websites will increase the server's burden. But Optimal Biz's web filtering applies the web filtering settings to the device itself, meaning access to prohibited websites will be determined and handled on the device – thus negating any extra burden on the server.

Microsoft Japan and Ritsumeikan Primary School are both very pleased with the results:

◆ Microsoft Japan

“We are very happy with OPTiM's Windows RT-compatible parental control function for Optimal Biz. An increasing number of customers in the educational field are introducing tablet devices and PCs in classrooms for each student, and we are confident that this MDM will support the schools' various needs, such as BYOD. Microsoft Japan looks forward to strengthening its collaboration with OPTiM and working together to optimize ICT in educational institutions.”

Satoshi Nakagawa, Public Sector Education Dept. Director, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

◆ Ritsumeikan Primary School

“When Ritsumeikan Primary School considered letting fifth and sixth-grade students bring their tablet PCs (Microsoft Surface) home for their studies during summer break, we needed a solution that would protect them from malicious online sites and allow them to focus on their studies. Now that OPTiM's web filtering function supporting Windows RT is available, we're happy to let our students bring their tablet PCs home, knowing that they'll be protected from harmful information during their studies. We're certain that OPTiM's groundbreaking product will benefit many other educational institutions in the very near future.”

Noriaki Hanaue, Vice-Principal for Ritsumeikan Primary School

In the coming weeks and months, OPTiM plans to offer additional functions for Windows RT, including application restriction, application distribution and remote wipe.

OPTiM will continue working closely with Microsoft Japan to establish safe learning environments in Japan by promoting the utilization and application of ICT in schools nationwide.

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※1Source: “ITR Market View: Enterprise Mobile Management / Mobile Application Development 2013,” by ITR Corporation
※2MDM stands for “Mobile Device Management,” a solution for companies wanting to manage their smartphones and tablet devices and be afforded security when a device is lost or stolen. MDM's security measures are many, and include such deterrents as remote lock and malicious application launch prevention.
※3Source: an in-house investigation covering third-party developed products which offer a web filtering function for Windows RT devices using MS-MDM.
※4Device management protocol formulated by Microsoft Corporation.

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