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OPTiM Corporation

“Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM”, the World’s
First Comprehensive Tablet Service,
is Now Available!

Tokyo - November 19, 2014: OPTiM (TSE Mothers: 3694), a leading provider of business-related applications for smartphones and tablet devices, proudly announces the release of Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM, its unique e-book service.  This brand-new service incorporates many “world's first”※1 efforts in order to satisfy tablet users’ desires for a reading interface that’s superior to ordinary paper-based magazines and conventional e-book services.

■What is Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM, the world's first flat-rate comprehensive e-book service?
With the sentiment "Use your tablet for everything", Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM is the world's first*1 flat-rate comprehensive e-book service, providing customers with an ”all-you-can-read” experience that includes 296 popular magazines, a device warranty, a family-shared camera app, cloud storage and net printing, all for just 500 JPY/month※2.  The service, which was built by fully utilizing the cutting-edge mobile device management technologies that OPTiM has implemented in its world-class MDM※3 solutions, can be used securely and comfortably.

■ App portal and family camera images
  • The 296 available magazines cover a wide range of topics, from business, hobbies, the economy and entertainment, to fashion, food, vacation destinations and sports.  The magazines can be read anytime, anywhere, as many times as you wish, including back issues.  Once downloaded to your device, you can read a magazine online or offline, every page※4, with no restrictions such as limited access to only part of the magazine.
  • The device warranty covers damage repair in the event of an accident.
  • The family-shared camera"※5 is a free application that lets users share photos with family and friends via the cloud storage service.  With cloud storage, you can view your photos whenever you want, even if the device gets a new version.  Users can also download their photos to their home PC and print their favorite photos by using the net printing service, which offers up to 15 free※6 photos per month.

■Regarding operating environment, purchase and price:
Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM is supported on iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, with Android™ soon to follow.  Also, a similar service for smartphones is currently in development.

Purchase Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM in the App Store or from OPTiM's sales partners!

  • Monthly Fee: 500 JPY※2
  • Payment: in-app
◆Sales Channel Overview
■The world's first business model for a “back-issues magazine market”
OPTiM has developed the world's first business model for a “back-issues magazine market”, which is essentially a “second monetizing” of back-issue magazines, as differentiated from the "new magazine market".  OPTiM’s approach focuses on the diverse tastes of readers in accordance with the increasing popularity of digital magazines, and we expect to grow the digital magazine market by establishing a long-term business model that provides added value for readers.  We are confident that our business model for a “back-issues magazine market” will shake up the magazine industry and cause publishers to reconsider the magazine market’s current structure.
◆Comparison of full-content ratio to other services:
OPTiM believes it’s important to offer a magazine’s full content to its users.  And while other “all you can read for a flat rate” e-book services do exist, there are a limited number that offer full content.

■Enabling analysis of reader behavior via the world's first " Magazine Big Data"
The platform supporting Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM also represents the world's first "Magazine Big Data", enabling content providers and advertisers to collect and analyze reader-specific data.  For example, they can identify a magazine’s most popular page or article by accumulating information such as page views, reading time and keyword searches, all of which helps to analyze reader behavior.  By analyzing reader behavior, we can improve overall magazine quality and create new value for each reader.  Of course, we won’t store any personal information or use the accumulated data for anything other than reader behavior analysis, so readers can feel comfortable knowing that our efforts are exclusively for their benefit.

■A message from Shunji Sugaya, President of OPTiM Corporation:
“I am very pleased with the launch of Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM, which is the end-result of many months of collaboration between OPTiM and its exceptional partners.  I am confident that this service will generate much interest in the little-discussed “back-issues magazine market”, as well as produce plenty of merits for both users and publishers, and provide users with added convenience and enjoyment.  We offer this new service under the sentiment "Use your tablet for everything", so that people may enjoy their tablet in a simple and secure environment.

In addition to Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM, we’re in the process of developing many other groundbreaking services.  I’m very excited for what the future holds.”

※1 As of November 19, 2014, based on OPTiM’s research.
※2 Price may vary depending on each sales partner.  If purchased through the App Store, a device warranty is not included.
※3 MDM stands for “Mobile Device Management,” an enterprise solution that collectively manages all employee smart devices and offers security when a device is lost or stolen.  MDM provides features such as remote lock and prevention of malicious application launch.
※4 There may exist some partial content restriction as instructed by the publisher.
※5 Release date will be announced on our Web site.
https://www.optim.co.jp (Japanese Only)
※6 Delivered by Net Print Japan, Ltd.  A delivery fee will be charged.

About OPTiM
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM provides solutions that reduce its clients’ support costs, with an overall focus on evolving online experiences to the point that the Internet becomes something you aren’t even conscious of, like breathing.  OPTiM’s solutions’ suite includes setup, diagnostic and marketing tools for NGN and home networks, as well as mobile devices, routers, TVs, gaming platforms, multifunction peripherals, servers, printers and DVD recorders.

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