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OPTiM Corporation

Unlimited Tablet and Unlimited Smartphone for AEON
is Now Available in AEON’s Retail Stores!

Unlimited Tablet can now be purchased in AEON’s Japanese

Tokyo (June 4, 2015) – OPTiM (TSE Mothers: 3694), a leading provider of business-related applications for smart devices, proudly announces that AEON Retail Co., Ltd.,※1 (“AEON Retail”) will begin selling OPTiM’s all-you-can-read online-magazine service, Unlimited Tablet & Smartphone (Unlimited Tablet) for AEON powered by OPTiM, in all Japanese AEON stores beginning June 6, 2015※2.  With this release, AEON’s Japanese customers who use services like AEON Sumaho, AEON Toku-Suru Tablet, and AEON Mobile Gakken Ganbaru Tablet can enjoy OPTiM’s all-you-can-read service as an added benefit to their mobile device usage.

■Company snapshot
  • OPTiM
    ・Development and management of Unlimited Tablet
  • AEON Retail
    ・Unlimited Tablet sales in all Japanese stores
  • Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd.
    ・Introductory support for Unlimited Tablet (service provided through AEON Retail)

■What is Unlimited Tablet, the world’s first comprehensive, flat-rate e-magazine service?
Unlimited Tablet, provided to AEON by OPTiM, is the world’s first※3 flat-rate, comprehensive e-magazine service※4.  With its motto of “Whenever, Wherever, Effortlesslye, the JPY500 per month※5 service includes an all-you-can-read magazine service (with up to 445 issues)※6, a family-shared camera service, and a cloud storage service.  Unlimited Tablet was developed using OPTiM’s boundary-stretching technologies, which the company has cultivated through its long-time management of business-related smart devices, and the know-how acquired through their smart device management platform.  The result is a service that’s secure and easy to use.  Moreover, a user can use this service on his/her tablet and smartphone with just one account, which equates to unparalleled convenience -- for instance, a user can use it on her smartphone during the morning commute, and on her tablet at home.

■Unlimited Tablet – Features:
  • The “445 popular magazines” includes a diverse selection of business and personal topics such as economics, entertainment, fashion, food, home design, travel, and sports.  Users can read the back issues anytime, anywhere, as many times as they want.  And once the magazine is downloaded, it can be read offline.  Plus, unlike some other e-magazine services which only allow readers to view part of their content, with Unlimited Tablet you can read each magazine’s full content.※7
  • The family-shared camera service and cloud storage service allow users to share their pictures with family and friends.  The photos are stored in the cloud, so they’re always accessible – even when a device breaks and a new one is purchased.  Pictures can also be imported to a home computer.※8
  • With the family camera app※9 that accompanies the family-share camera service, users can print up to 15 pictures per month for free, including their own pictures or pictures taken by other smartphones and digital cameras.

Unlimited Tablet is available for devices with the following specs:

■System Requirements

  • iOS devices:
    ・iPad : iOS 6.0 or later
    ・iPhone : iOS 7.0 or later, iPhone 5 or later
  • Android™ device: Android™ 4.0 or later, and RAM with more than 1GB

For more information please visit Unlimited Tablet’s website, or search “Tabuho” in the App Store or Google Play™ (Japanese stores only):

Unlimited Tablet powered by OPTiM official website:
https://www.optim.co.jp/tabuho (Japanese only)

Here are the details regarding Unlimited Tablet for AEON powered by OPTiM, as provided by AEON Retail:

■ Sales by AEON Retail

Release date: June 6, 2015
Participating stores: All 540 AEON stores and affiliates in Japan
※1 Headquartered in Chiba-shi, Chiba.  CEO: Souichi Okazaki
※2 Commencing in select stores, with more stores added when ready.
※3 Source: in-house research conducted on November 19, 2014 regarding a comprehensive e-book service and covering the following search terms: “popular magazines all-you-can-read service”, “device warranty”, “family camera”, “cloud storage service”, and “net print service”.  For more details, please visit:
※4 The specs for Unlimited Tablet for AEON powered by OPTiM vary from the specs related to the service provided exclusively by OPTiM.
※5 Price may vary depending on sales partner.  Also, the App Store price may change without notice due to a potential change in value based on the exchange rate implemented by Apple Inc.  and applied to the entire App Store.
※6 As of June 4, 2015.  This number may change
※7 In accordance with the publisher’s policy, some pages may not be viewable.
※8 To be announced on OPTiM’s website when available.
※9 iOS version and Android™ version will be provided.

About OPTiM
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM provides internet-based services that improve its clients’ interactions with technology in all aspects of daily life.  Supported by unique optimized management technologies, "We make the net as simple as breathing."
Our services include Optimal Biz, a cloud device management service; Optimal Remote, a remote management service; Optimal Support, a setup support service; and the Unlimited content and software suite series.

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For inquiries, please contact:
OPTiM Corporation Marketing/Promotion Team
TEL: 81-3-6435-8570 FAX: 81-3-6435-8560
E- Mail : press@optim.co.jp
Unlimited Tablet & Unlimited Smartphone (Unlimited Tablet) powered by OPTiM product page:
https://www.optim.co.jp/tabuho (Japanese only)