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Press Release

OPTiM Corporation
Telepathy Japan Inc.

Announcing Remote Action, a smart glass for remote operational work!

OPTiM and Telepathy Japan lead the way with this jointly developed device

Tokyo (August 5, 2015) – OPTiM (TSE Mothers: 3694), a leading provider of business-related applications for smart devices, and Telepathy Japan Inc., a developer of eyewear type of wearable devices, proudly announce that they have become the first in the world※1 to put Remote Action, a remote operational work dedicated smart glass, to practical use, and have started its sales on August 5, 2015.

■Remote Action development background
OPTiM, under the concept of Remote Experience Sharing, aims at an environment that allows everyone to remotely share experience (knowledge, know-how, and information) with individuals/groups in real-time, contributing to a world in which users can enjoy the benefits of technology’s evolution without being an expert. And Telepathy Japan, with its motto of "Aiming at a better world of understanding each other," develops and markets wearable devices that represent a higher level of shared experiences and interpersonal communication. The companies formed a business alliance for wearable solutions on December 19, 2014.

Now the market of wearable devices have been spreading in full-scale, and, especially in the enterprise market, needs for remote work support utilizing smart glasses are increasing. With these challenges in mind, OPTiM and Telepathy Japan have pressed ahead with co-development of Remote Action in order to provide services that deliver efficient, secure and comfortable remote work support that are essential to acceleration of wearable device market.

■About Remote Action
Remote Action is a smart glass dedicated for remote work support that has united Optimal Second Sight, OPTiM’s leading remote work support service, as the platform and Telepathy Jumper, a wearable device evolving human communication developed by Telepathy Japan. With Remote Action, a remote operator can review a site’s status in real-time from an on-site worker’s point of view and provide detailed support, as if he/she were there in person. Remote Action is ideal for corporations that are suffering from labor shortages or support cost increases.

Also, utilization of remote work support environment without needing development of complicated in-house systems allows a worker to securely connect to a remote operator just by turning on the power. In addition, the WDM (Wearable Device Management) feature of Optimal Biz, an MDM※2 service, realizes bulk management of devices. As shown above, Remote Action is a revolutionary smart glass that propels the rapidly expanding future remote work support market both domestically and worldwide.

■Remote Action Feature List
Camera Image Sharing By sharing camera images from a worker’s smart glass, remote support can be provided by a seasoned off-site operator.
Voice Call (VoIP) An operator can make instructions or confirm site status utilizing Voice Call feature.
Material/URL transmission An operator can transmit files or URLs for explanation of shared materials being discussed with the on-site team.
Moving instruction feature An operator can instruct a worker where to move and position a certain piece of equipment.
Red pen drawing/
Finger indicator feature
An operator can instruct to identify a work object or how to work on it.
Device management
WDM (Wearable Device Management) feature corresponding to Optimal Biz, an MDM service, allows bulk management of devices and equipped applications.
High-brightness display A high brightness/high resolution display provides clear view of business information or manuals at a high brightness and high resolution in all environments, including outdoors in direct sunlight.
■Remote Action Price List (excluding tax.)
Item Price Remarks
Initial Fee ¥200,000 Per company
Basic usage fee (monthly) ¥60,000 Including usage fee for one smart glass + one operator
Additional usage fee
See below. Price varies depending on number of devices.
Additional fee (monthly)
Number of additional devices Monthly fee/device
Smart glass set
Monthly fee/device
1-10 ¥32,000 ¥30,000
11-30 ¥26,000 ¥24,000
31 and more Separate estimate
◆Items included in the price
  • Monthly usage fee of smart glasses
  • Initial setting fee
  • Software license fee
  • Cloud server usage fee
  • Support (Contact point by mail)
  • Minimum utilization period is 2 years.
  • Usage is limited only in the company.
  • Separate estimation provided when customization required.

■About Optimal Second Sight
Optimal Second Sight is a service which enables sharing camera images of a smart device. With Optimal Second Sight, a remote operator can review a site’s status in real-time from an on-site worker’s point of view and provide detailed support, as if he/she were there in person. Optimal Second Sight is ideal for corporations that are suffering from labor shortages or support cost increases.

■About Telepathy Jumper
Telepathy Jumper is an eyewear type of wearable device evolving person-to-person communication. Normally it is hung around the neck and when necessary the device can be worn in front of the eye, for continued use an attachment could be used to secure it on eyeglasses or the head. It's also equipped with features such as a micro camera, small-sized optical unit, wireless communication module etc., and shows a virtual display in user's line of eye.

■Remote Action - the future
Via Remote Action, we will be proposing new ways of work using wearable devices in any sites such as construction, medical care ICT, nursing care/welfare, education ICT, financing, distribution, and public works. From now on, we will further develop technologies to augment real world by supplementing real things with information utilizing AR (Augmented Reality).

For details about Remote Action, please refer to the following website.

Remote Action product website
https://www.optim.co.jp/remote/remoteaction/(Japanese only)

※1 As of August 5, 2015, based on the research by OPTiM and Telepathy Japan. As a smart glass that realizes remote work support without additional apps or solutions, with camera, display and wireless communication features equipped.
※2 MDM stands for “Mobile Device Management”, an enterprise solution that collectively manages all employee smart devices and offers security when a device is lost or stolen. MDM provides features such as remote lock and prevention of malicious application launch.

About OPTiM
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM provides internet-based services that improve its clients’ interactions with technology in all aspects of daily life, "We make the net as simple as breathing." Our services include Optimal Biz, a cloud device management service; Optimal Remote, a remote management service; Optimal Support, a setup support service; and the Unlimited content and software suite series.

About Telepathy Japan
Based in Tokyo, Japan, Telepathy Japan imagines a world where people are connected and can be understood by one another. In order to accomplish this, we will develop high performance wearable devices that "anyone" can simply use "anywhere." We aim to evolve person-to-person communication by combining wearable device and wearable service that allows for experience sharing that goes beyond space.


※The corporate names and product names mentioned above are trademarks or registered trademarks.

※The information presented in this press release is subject to change without notice.

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Remote Action Website: https://www.optim.co.jp/remote/remoteaction/