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Press Release

OPTiM Corporation
Japan Cosmetic Center

OPTiM is entering the cosmetics market
Realizing Remote Experience Sharing in the Cosmetics×IT field

Debuting a makeup support service with the Japan Cosmetic Center at Paris' COSMETIC360 exhibition

Tokyo (August 25, 2015) – OPTiM (TSE Mothers: 3694), a leading provider of business-related applications for smart devices, proudly announces its entry into the cosmetics market and provision of a service which integrates cosmetic and IT together realizing the idea of Remote Experience Sharing, an environment that allows everyone to remotely share experience (knowledge, know-how, and information) with individuals/groups in real-time. With cooperation from Japan Cosmetic Center, (JCC), OPTiM will show their new makeup support service with remote technology at the COSMETIC360, an international cosmetics trade exhibition held in Paris, France on October 15, 2015 to October 16, 2015.

■Development background
OPTiM, under the concept of Remote Experience Sharing, aims at an environment that allows everyone to remotely share experience (knowledge, know-how, and information) with individuals/groups in real-time, contributing to a world in which users can and enjoy the benefits of technology’s evolution without being an expert.

Currently, learning a special makeup look (for example, for a wedding or party) or a new makeup technique can only be done at a public makeup sales counter or a costly private makeup studio, both of which could make people feel stressed. Furthermore, when trying new makeup looks at home with a magazine or video tutorial and their own makeup, people can face problems such as not being able to see fine details, or not being able to do certain techniques with the makeup they own.

But, under the concept of Remote Experience Sharing, OPTiM has developed a makeup service in which users can be at home using their own makeup and learning directly from a makeup artist. With this service, makeup artists or specialist operators can give personalized instructions while looking at an image of the user's face sent through the user's smart device camera. With cooperation from JCC, this service will be shown at COSMETIC360 in Paris, France, an international exhibition to show innovations in the perfume and cosmetics field.

■About remote makeup support service
This service utilizes IT to connect makeup artists with users who want to improve their style. The lessons then help the user to get the most out of the makeup that he/she already owns. It allows the makeup artist to give instructions over the internet that are personalized and suit the user's unique facial structure. Since the teaching in this service utilizes cosmetics that are already owned by the user, it is an extremely practical way to learn about makeup techniques.

  • Benefits for the makeup artists
    This service allows makeup artists to use their skills on customers all over the world, giving them a chance to broaden their skills and perspective. In addition, the artist can optimize their free time between regular work by offering remote lessons.
  • Alliances with cosmetics companies
    Cosmetics companies can increase their sales channels and promote their image though company-affiliated makeup artists using this service.
■Service image

■About JCC
JCC is an organization that is striving to contribute to the cosmetics industry by bringing business and employment opportunities to northern Kyushu, with a focus on Saga Prefecture and its Karatsu City and Genkai Town. It works to develop a business environment in the cosmetics field through partnerships with industry, academia, and government. Within this environment, JCC works to develop technology with a diverse range of talents that encourage economic activity by utilizing local resources. Furthermore, the organization establishes systems that help promote the local industry globally. As for global expansion, JCC aims to create import and export, manufacturing and sales business between its member companies and French companies utilizing the relationship with France’s Cosmetic Valley and expand their member companies business to Asia.

■About Cosmetic Valley
Cosmetic Valley is the world’s largest cosmetics and perfumes cluster, which has over 800 companies, research centers, factories, national research facilities and universities including major national institutions and universities within a 150 kilometer radius around Chartres. In 2013, Cosmetic Valley and Karatsu City entered into a partnership agreement.

■About COSMETIC360
COSMETIC360 is a large-scale, international exhibition held in the Carrousel du Louvre (the event hall of the Louvre Museum) in Paris, France, on October 15 and 16, 2015. Organized by Cosmetic Valley, this exhibition has numerous affiliated corporations scheduled to present under the theme "INNOVATIONS & SOLUTIONS." There will be revolutionary products and services shown from all over the world, attracting industry professionals from all over.

OPTiM and JCC are developing a platform to provide a makeup support service that satisfies all the users' needs using IT, including revitalizing makeup artists' work and expanding the sales channels of cosmetics companies.

About OPTiM
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM provides internet-based services that improve its clients’ interactions with technology in all aspects of daily life, "We make the net as simple as breathing." Our services include Optimal Biz, a cloud device management service; Optimal Remote, a remote management service; Optimal Support, a setup support service; and the Unlimited content and software suite series.


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