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OPTiM Moves to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

TOKYO, Japan (October 22, 2015) - OPTiM Corporation is proud to announce that today the company moves its stock listing from the Mothers market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to the exchange's first section.

Under the concept, "We make the Net as simple as breathing," OPTiM sets its mission to change the situation that certain IT literacy is required to use the Internet as indispensable infrastructure, and to make the Net itself as the air that you do not even notice using it. The company would like to thank every person who has helped the company from its launch until now. Without their assistance, this move to the first section would not have been possible. OPTiM expresses its sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the company throughout the years.

Now, OPTiM is aiming to be a company that defies categorization. The goal is to be a company that cannot be portrayed by traditional marketing; one that makes people think, "This company is in so many industries; is there anything OPTiM can't do?"

From now, OPTiM strives to revolutionize the current states of the industries through offering the "IoT Platform Service," and enabling cooperation with experts in every industry to create innovations.

OPTiM would like to express its deepest gratitude to everyone for their continued support.

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