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Press Release

Free Spot for Unlimited Tablet now Available
on Wi-Fi service by NTT Urban Development

Visitors at Shinagawa Season Terrace and Akihabara UDX can enjoy free service

TOKYO, Japan (January 12, 2016) – OPTiM (TSE: 3694), a leading provider of business-related applications for smart devices, announced "Tabuho Spot," an area providing Unlimited Tablet service ("Tabuho") free of charge at the common spaces of Shinagawa Season Terrace and Akihabara UDX. Starting on January 12, 2016, NTT Urban Development Corporation※1 (NTT UD) is now offering Tabuho Spot for three months with its free Wi-Fi service provided at those areas. The visitors can enjoy free and unlimited viewing service for a wide variety of magazine genres, from business to hobbies, with their own devices connected to the Wi-Fi spot.

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■Background of provision

NTT UD has been running a free Wi-Fi service for the purpose of improving convenience and satisfaction of Internet utilization by visitors since April 1, 2015. As a part of the visitor services, Tabuho Spot is now provided for use of OPTiM's comprehensive e-book service, Unlimited Tablet, free of charge. Tabuho Spot offers office workers and shoppers in the area a more effective, enjoyable waiting time.

■Facilities for provision
  • Shinagawa Season Terrace, Green Square/Event Area
    (2-70, 1-Chome, Konan, Minato-Ku, Tokyo)
  • Akihabara UDX 5F (14-1, 4-Chome, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo)
    URL:http://udx.jp/ (Japanese only)
■About Tabuho Spot

Tabuho Spot provided by OPTiM is a new targeted delivery pattern of e-magazines※2 that allows providing Tabuho, OPTiM's Unlimited Tablet service for unlimited viewing of popular magazines, free of charge. Under the concept of "Waiting time is fun with Unlimited Tablet," customers who visit shops in the area can enjoy the service. Tabuho Spot can be introduced readily because it requires only an Internet connection utilizing Wi-Fi. In addition, because the e-magazines of this service are displayed on a user's own smartphone or tablet, a service provider introducing Tabuho Spot does not need to prepare new devices and can expect increase of customer satisfaction at a low cost.

■Advantages of Tabuho Spot
  • The service includes a diverse selection of professional and personal topics such as economics, entertainment, fashion, food, home design, travel, and sports. Users can read the back issues in shops as many times as they want. Plus, unlike some other e-magazine services which only allow readers to view part of their content, with Unlimited Tablet users can read each magazine's full content※3.
  • Users of Tabuho Spot are not requested to register or input ID. Users can utilize the service free of charge by connecting to a Wi-Fi spot in a provisioning area and launching the app.
  • The same magazine can be read simultaneously by multiple Tabuho spot users.
  • Because its contents are provided through the cloud, the service does not require much operational effort except advertising the service to users.
  • The cost includes unlimited views of the provided magazines, allowing for worry-free service provision.

The following fee is applied when introducing Tabuho Spot.

■Tabuho Spot usage fee

Monthly fee from 2,500 JPY per one spot (tax excluded)※4

Please send an inquiry regarding Tabuho Spot from the company contact form.

■About Shinagawa Season Terrace and Akihabara UDX
  • About Shinagawa Season Terrace
    Shinagawa Season Terrace is a 32-story environmentally-conscious large scale complex building with the highest standards in Japan, comprising of the leading commercial zone in the Shinagawa port area with Japan’s largest class of offices at 5,000m2 per floor, a conference area and 21 shops including some in entirely new categories and some that are opening their first locations in Tokyo, as well as the large green space of 3.5 hectares wide.
  • About Akihabara UDX
    Akihabara UDX is a complex facility building with 22 stories above and three under the ground, with 161,716 m2 of floor space, a commercial facility area in lower floors, office area in medium/higher floors and an underground parking space (about 800 cars). It was opened in January 2006 with the facility concept of “Cultural Generator” to be a power source that promotes new movements by making use of Akihabara's advanced state and diversity as cultural exchange.
※1 Located in Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Sadao Maki
※2 The content provided at Tabuho Spot is partially different from that of Unlimited Tablet service provided via App Store, Google Play™ and other sales partners.
※3 In accordance with the publisher's intention or policy, some pages may not be viewable.
※4 The fee varies according to the number of Tabuho Spot users. Please contact OPTiM for details.

About OPTiM

OPTiM is a leader in internet-based services that improve its clients’ interactions with technology in all aspects of everyday life. Its services include Optimal Biz, a cloud device management service, Optimal Remote, a remote management service, Optimal Support, a setup support service, and the Unlimited content and software suite series. Its business partners include NTT, KDDI, Canon, and Fuji Xerox. Based in Tokyo, Japan, its corporate motto is, “We make the net as simple as breathing.” For more information, please visit the company website.


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