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August 1, 2018
OPTiM Corporation

Drone Pilot Sharing Service “DRONE CONNECT“ β Version Launched

~To provide all types of business with professional drone service~

OPTiM Corporation, a leading provider of platform solutions utilizing AI, IoT, and big data (hereinafter referred to as OPTiM), has launched “DRONE CONNECT” β version as a service platform of drone pilot sharing.


These days, the need for drones are increasing in various businesses, and drone pilots with rich flight experiences are much in demand in various situations. Especially in the field of agriculture, there are high expectations for the utilization of drones but industrial drones are expensive and difficult to operate. To resolve these problems, OPTiM is starting the “DRONE CONNECT” service platform that connects people in various industries who want to utilize drones with professional drone pilots.

“DRONE CONNECT” has formed an alliance with multiple pilot training firms and has contacts with many experienced professional drone pilots. Therefore, this platform can be used to find the best suited pilot for the required work.

Furthermore, “DRONE CONNECT” will provide smooth services from the start of each work mission up to its completion. “DRONE CONNECT” offers an opportunity for drone pilots to find challenging jobs with flexible working conditions and high compensation.

With the first feature provided in the β version, spraying pesticides by using drones for agricultural use, “DRONE CONNECT” β version starts matching future-oriented farmers with professional drone pilots. Farmers can ask professional drone pilots to do daily chores like checking the field, determining growth conditions, spraying of pesticides, etc. and improve agricultural operations.

In the next versions, we intend to expand our fields of drone operations to construction sites, measuring and inspection duties at infrastructures and plants in various industries to satisfy all types of drone needs.

■Features of “DRONE CONNECT”

From commission of work up to completion, we provide reliable professional drone services.

■Service Lineup

With “DRONE CONNECT” β version, works that take up a major part of farming hours such as making the rounds of rice paddies and farm fields can be commissioned to professional drone pilots.

■How to Use “DRONE CONNECT” β Version

Anyone who has registered as a member at the “DRONE CONNECT” β version can use or provide the services.

Please refer to the website below for further information about “DRONE CONNECT” β version:
https://www.optim.co.jp/agriculture/services/drone-connect/pilots (only Japanese)

For more information about OPTiM’s smart-agriculture, please see website below:

About OPTiM Corporation

OPTiM is a leader in internet-based services that improve its clients’ interactions with technology in all aspects of everyday life. Its solutions provide comprehensive IoT management and multi-functional remote communication. Its business partners include NTT, KDDI, Canon and Fuji Xerox. Based in Tokyo, Japan, its corporate motto is, "We make the net as simple as breathing."


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OPTiM Corporate Promotion and Marketing Team
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OPTiM Corporate Promotion and Marketing Team
press@optim.co.jpTEL: +81-3-6435-8570FAX: +81-3-6435-8560