Case studies: “松井証券リモートサポート
Interviewee: Mr. Masaki Muto Matsui Securities Co. Ltd., Customer Support Dept.

About “Matsui-Securities Remote Support”

“Matsui Securities Remote Support” is the service in which the customer and our support center operator can share the customer’s computer screen and address the customer’s questions/concerns. As most people know, it can be difficult to explain sometimes-complex computer issues over the phone, especially to someone who isn’t in IT for a living. “Matsui Securities Remote Support” allows our operator to share the customer’s screen and easily guide him/her to a solution via a simple red line or finger mark. This equates to less time spent in a support capacity, and a more satisfying experience for the customer!

“Matsui-Securities Remote Support” is the customer support service

Challenge to Start “Matsui-Securities Remote Support”

With the impact of “Abenomics” on Japan’s economy, the market became much more active. Inquiries to our support center increased accordingly, which was a good thing! Questions from customers using our online trading service cover a variety of subjects – everything from “how to use online trading tools” to “general computer operations”. Not surprisingly, the latter category tends to require prolonged operator-customer interaction, and it was an on-going challenge for us to reduce support time.

Challenge to Start

Why We Chose Optimal Remote

In the course of our search for a practical, effective solution to our “support time” problem, we received a proposal from OPTiM for its Optimal Remote service. Before selecting a provider, we sought the opinions of our support center operators and discussed the idea of employing a remote support tool. After a healthy meeting, I’m happy to say that Optimal Remote’s user-friendly interface and intuitive operation were the decisive factors in gaining our business!

What Changed after Introducing Optimal Remote

Not long after implementing Optimal Remote, we earned a top customer support award from Nikkei Business magazine (August 5, 2013 issue). Moreover, our operators are thrilled that support time has been reduced by 1/3 since Optimal Remote came on board. The biggest reason for this reduction is that the customer and operator can share the customer’s screen in real-time, which allows the operator to quickly understand the customer’s environment/situation without having to ask technical questions. It’s a great feeling knowing that our customers are satisfied with our support service, which by all accounts has exceeded their expectations!

What Changed after Introducing Optimal Remote

Upcoming Challenges for “Matsui Securities Remote Support”, and Expectations for Optimal Solutions

Currently, our “support time per customer” depends on each operator’s individual experience. We haven’t yet developed a standardized Remote Support approach that sees each operator achieving the same support time results, but this is something we’re diligently working on. Other upcoming challenges include continuing to reduce support time across our entire customer support center, and increasing customer satisfaction through further leveraging of the Remote Support platform. These are big challenges to be sure, but it’s great to know that OPTiM will continue refining its easy-to-use interface and system so that even the most IT-challenged customers will have a comfortable, rewarding experience.

About Optimal Remote

Optimal Remote provides screen sharing between an operator and a customer, allowing for real-time remote control/manipulation of the customer’s device. Using this progressive approach, we’ve reduced our clients’ average customer support time to 60%. By achieving the world’s fastest transfer speed for screen sharing and remote operations, Optimal Remote expedites operator/customer interaction and greatly reduces the time spent on the overall support process.

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About Optimal Remote

About Matsui Securities Co., Ltd.

Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Michio Matsui, President & CEO)

Established in 1918, Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. has a rich history spanning 90+ years. In 1988 we introduced “Netstock,” Japan’s first online brokerage service. We also created the “one-day margin trading” system. As we look to the future, Matsui Securities Co., Ltd. will continue to make stock trading more accessible and convenient, striving towards a customer-centric market.

Head Office: 1-4, Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8516 Japan
Founding date: May, 1918
Website: http://www.matsui.co.jp/