Optimal Remote

What is Optimal Remote?

Fast Support, Fast resolution

Optimal Remote significantly reduces the time needed for verbal explanation by sharing a user's screen and operating the device remotely, which takes only 60% of the usual support time. Also, it enables you to support users at the highest speed compared to other competitors in the industry.

  • Simple installation, and No pre-installation is required.

    One click completes the preparation. All you have to do is to make sure that your device is connected to internet. Even PC beginners can get support without difficulties.
  • Protect users' information with strong security

    Optimal Remote is very secure as it is protected by a 256bit SSL communication, so it won't be viewed and is designed to require a user's permit when an operator controls a user's device. You can utilize Optimal Remote without passing through a relay server if a device is located in the same network like in the office, which makes it even securer.
    Optimal Remote Security Whitepaper
  • The tool is automatically uninstalled after support.

    Client software is automatically uninstalled after the support. So, there is no need to worry about the PC might still be controlled.
  • Easy-to-use interface

    Optimal Remote provides user-friendly interface, displaying a keyboard on a screen, and indicating things with a pointer or a red marker. Also, it decreases support time by sending URL and command.



LIGHTNING ENGINE and QUICK CONNECT ENGINE are technologies that allow you to share a screen in real-time. Optimal Remote optimizes the quality and compressibility ratio of images based on the bandwidth of OPTiM's original algorithm. Optimal Remote also placed first as the fastest connection at establishing the connection between users and operators by connecting simultaneously to P2P and a relay server.

The fastest speed in a screen transfer by LIGHTNING ENGINE!

The fastest connection speed


Feature Feature Description
Remote operation for Android device
(Full version)
An Operator can control a user's Android device with a mouse.
With SAMSUNG's devices, you can utilize Optimal Remote regardless of mobile carriers.
※As for using devices made by domestic device makers, it could be essential to get a device maker's support.
Remote operation for Android device
(USB version)
The USB ver. Of Optimal Remote allows you to control an Android device connected to a PC by USB. Operator can support the device by operating the PC to which the Android device is connected.
Main features of Optimal Remote Screen sharing, Remote Control, Command Execution, Pause, Timer, Log Recording, Finger Indicator, Client Device Information, Screen Shortcut, Re-connection, Screenshot, Red Pen Drawing, URL Sending, Restart, Escalation, Movie Clip Recording, Windows Support, Mac Support
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