Optimal Biz for Mobile Case Studies of Sendai Johnan High School
Management and Security for Tablet Device as Information Communication Tool
– A learning place connected to higher education –
Interviewee: Mr. Toshiya Chiba, Sendai Johnan High School Research & Inquiry Course

What are “Research & Inquiry Course” and “Research Learning”?

“Research & Inquiry Course” is the special course to prepare for higher education, which is based on the comprehensive course, and is mostly focused on and enhance students’ “whys” connected to colleges and universities. In “Research Learning,” students choose their themes from what they want to know or understand more in their everyday life or social events, then they research, examine and make presentations themselves. We expect them to feel the joy of learning and motivate themselves for the coursework or studying through the Research Learning. Also, we believe that they will extend their abilities and skills for seminar activities held in colleges or universities as well as presentations after their finding a job.

What was challenging about adopting tablet devices into the Research Learning?

Tablet device allows us to search on the Internet, record images and movies, memo, or create presentation materials. However, on the other hand, the big issue is that the students can easily download games or SNS apps, which require reasonable information moral. Also, we needed to consider how to give support when the tablet device is lost or stolen in order to safely adopt tablet devices.

Why We Selected Optimal Biz

Sendai Johnan High SchoolTo solve the problems above, we sought a software to restrict application downloading or to centralize the management of tablet devices, then we found Optimal Biz. Also, we see it very useful that we can view the usage of tablet devices, which we do not grasp in school life.

What Changed after Introducing Optimal Biz

Image of the classroomWe think restricting app downloading made our students realize that iPad is not a “play thing” but rather “stationary.” Also, the teachers can distribute the apps to download to the tablet devices, it saved us a lot of work to download the apps to be used in the class.

What are the future prospect of Research & Inquiry Course and Research Learning, and your expectations for OPTiM products?

We expect our students to utilize the data they collected through the Research Learning for higher education and job interviews as valuable assets. At the same time, we hope them to leverage the skills to use information in beneficial ways they developed through the Research Learning in society.
Optimal Biz has every feature we want as it is now. However, we think it might be even more helpful in the classroom if we could restrict downloading apps to tablet devices with white list, so that the students find apps and new ways to use them on their own initiative.

Optimal Biz

Optimal Biz is a service that provides secure remote management of smart devices via a host of effective tools, such as:

  • – Blocking access to inappropriate websites
  • – Prohibiting irrelevant apps from being installed on iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android devices
  • – Allowing administrators to remotely “lock” and “wipe” devices
  • – Preventing leakage of sensitive/confidential information

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Sendai Johnan High School

Sendai Johnan High School(Sendai City, Miyagi Pref., Principal: Mr. Makoto Kuriki, Established in 1960)

The basic philosophy of Sendai Johnan High School is “creating new learning connected to university.” We focus on fostering of human resources who can survive the global competitive society and knowledge-based society. The school has three courses “Special Advance Course,” “Research & Inquiry Course,” and “Science Technology Course,” each of which offers unique education system.

5-1 Yagiyamamatsunamicho, Taihaku Ward, Sendai, Miyagi
Sendai Johnan High School Website:http://sendai-johnan.ed.jp/


INTEC Inc.(Headquartered in Toyama Pref., led by Koju Takizawa, President)

INTEC’s business territory, integrating everything from ICT research and development to outsourcing, is the basis for client-tailored total solutions. In addition, we offer original services utilizing ICT in various business segments, and strive to support the business expansion efforts of clients while creating comfortable lifestyles and smart communities for society. We support developing the overall IT learning environment and its operation for Sendai Johnan High School with Optimal Biz.

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Establish: January, 1964
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