OPTiM Provides Technical Assistance and Joint Develops “KDDI Device Management Pack”~OPTiM’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) Service Offered As Standard MDM~

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OPTiM Corporation

OPTiM Provides Technical Assistance and Joint Develops
“KDDI Device Management Pack”

~OPTiM’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) Service Offered As Standard MDM~

Tokyo – OPTiM Corporation, the leader in providing IT support solutions that enhances creativity, collaboration, and convenience while online, today announced that they provided technical assistance to and co-developed “KDDI Device Management Pack(※1)” offered by KDDI Corporation. This service significantly reduces the burden for the administrators, for the life-cycle period of corporate smart devices, such as initial introduction, operation/maintenance management, and device disposal. Also, it offers simple and convenient outsourcing as well as device management service on “KDDI Business Online Support (※2) “page online.

※1 About “KDDI Device Management Pack”
“KDDI Smart Mobile Management Pack” is a total outsource package, which provides solution for the introduction of the corporate devices and operational management, in combination with the outsourcing and device management service, “KDDI Smart Mobile Safety Manager(※3).” In case the device is lost, stolen, or troubled, the device user (=employee) can directly ask KDDI for support, which reduces the operational burden of the administrators on customer’s side. This service is available on KDDI Business Online Support (※2).
※2 About “KDDI Business Online Support”
You can purchase smart device for corporate customers or apply for MDM services on this site, as well as apply for smart devices and this service regardless of working days. It also provides information on useful business applications and so on.
※3 About “KDDI Smart Mobile Safety Manager”
It provides diverse management features including remote lock/USB prohibition to prevent information leakage, security feature to restrict application, and various settings, which are required when using smart devices. OPTiM offers technical assistance to “KDDI Smart Mobile Safety Manager” through MDM (Mobile Device Management) Service,”Optimal Biz (※4).”
※4 About “Optimal Biz”
“Optimal Biz” brings the solution to support for securely managing smartphones and tablet devices at enterprises. Upon installation of the agent application to iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and Windows devices, you can easily manage these devices on a web browser to enable USB prohibition, application prohibition for illegal device use, Wi-Fi setup, centralized management for devices as assets in order to prevent information leakage in case the device is lost or stolen. “Optimal Biz” offers OPTiM’s unique features, intuitive user interface for easier operation, the largest number of supported devices, the earliest support for the latest devices realized by the strong tie-up with major device makers; all of which has built our strong and trusted business with major customers.

【Our Approach to Supported Devices for Optimal Biz】
In rapidly growing MDM market, it is crucial how quickly we can provide the latest smartphones and tablet devices supported. OPTiM has strong tie-up with our partner carriers for the framework – our partner carriers provide us with pre-release smartphones, that we can verify them for Optimal Biz at the earliest stage. As of June 19, 2013, Optimal Biz supports 227 devices in total, making it the largest number of supported devices in the market.
We actively offer information of supported devices; you can always check the supported device on our web site (https://www.optim.com/products-detail/device/3570).
With rapid growth of smart devices, OPTiM continues to offer innovative device services for easier, securer, and better work efficiency.

【About OPTiM】
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM, provides solutions that reduce support costs for enterprises and is focused on evolving online experiences so that the Internet becomes something that you aren’t even conscious of — like the air you breathe. OPTiM’s suite of solutions includes setup, diagnostic and marketing tools for NGN and home networks, and also targets mobile devices, routers, TVs, gaming platforms, multifunction peripherals, servers, printers and DVD recorders.

Product Information: https://www.optim.com/products

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