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Hisense and OPTiM have Co-Developed a High-Grade Smartphone for Chinese Seniors

Incorporating Optia, the World's First Screen-Sharing Service for Smartphone Users,
as its Standard Feature

Tokyo – January 7, 2015: OPTiM (TSE Mothers: 3694), a leading provider of business-related applications for smartphones and tablets, and Qingdao Hisense Communications, a prominent Chinese electronics and information company and the world's 4th※1 largest shipper of TVs, proudly announce the joint development of a high-grade smartphone for Chinese seniors.

The Hisense E360M incorporates Optia, the world's first※2 screen-sharing service for smartphone users, as its standard feature.  By simply tapping the heart-shaped button on the E360M, Optia, developed by OPTiM, is immediately launched and the senior’s smartphone is connected to their son/daughter’s smartphone, who can easily provide support when operational issues arise.

■About Optia
Optia enables remote screen-sharing between smartphone users, i.e. one friend helping another to use his/her smartphone.  Optia is the world's first screen-sharing service for smartphone users and utilizes various patented technologies from OPTiM.  Optia allows users to help each other anytime, anywhere through screen-sharing and remote control of the other person's smartphone -- as if they were right next to each other.

In China, like Japan, the increasing number of seniors has become as an important issue, and the smartphone market for seniors is growing.  With the idea of "Linking Family Hearts", Hisense and OPTiM have jointly developed the Hisense E360M specifically for Chinese seniors, a demographic which the largest smartphone vendors have yet to focus on.

Optia product page: https://www.optim.com/products/optia
Hisense E360M product page (Chinese): http://www.hisensephone.com/product.aspx?id=62
Hisense E360M announcement video (with English subtitles): http://youtu.be/4cyCYysVqOo

■Optia images

  • Finger Indicator Feature
  • Red-Pen Drawing Feature

■Image of using Optia in China

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■The Merits of "心连心"(Optia)the Hisense E360M

  1. A senior (Client) can initiate "心连心" just by tapping a button (software or hardware), which connects their smartphone to their child’s smartphone.
  2. The child can perform remote operations, adjust settings, or control the senior’s smartphone via voice call (VoIP).※3
  3. Any child wanting to support his/her parent should download the dedicated Optia Viewer application from the Hisense App Market and install it on his/her own Android™ smartphone.  This will enable support of the parent’s device regardless of the manufacturer of the parent’s Android™ device.

Regarding Optia’s use in the Hisense E360M, Hisense has made the following endorsement:

■Endorsement by Hisense

(English translation)
Hisense is confident that Optia is an extremely superior support service.  In China, family ties are very important.  The concept of the Hisense E360M is "Heart", in the sense that this phone links the "hearts" of parents and children living far apart.  By utilizing Optia, we can strengthen the link between family “hearts” because a child can now teach their parent how to use their smartphone, how to shop online, etc.  We look forward to broadening our cooperation with OPTiM and providing better products for our customers.

Tian Xin, General Manager, Products Division
Fang Li Tao, Product Planning Director, Products Department
Qingdao Hisense Communications Co., Ltd.

Also, Shunji Sugaya, President of OPTiM Corporation, has issued a statement regarding the joint development.

■Message from Shunji Sugaya, President of OPTiM Corporation
I am delighted by the successful joint development and sales launch of the E360M smartphone, which targets Chinese seniors and employs OPTiM’s very own Optia, the world's first remote support service, in conjunction with Hisense, a leading Chinese electronics and information company.  We believe that demand for consumer smartphones in advanced countries has already reached saturation, and that the smartphone market will now be fractionated according to user age.
Under such circumstances, we firmly believe that global needs will surely exist for social support services like those provided by OPTiM.  Moreover, Chinese-made smartphones are increasing in global popularity.  Supported by such a market trend, we will continue to provide our services worldwide together with Hisense.

OPTiM is dedicated to creating products and services that "make the net as simple as breathing" for a global market, thus enabling customers worldwide to use the Internet more conveniently and comfortably.

※1 As of June 11, 2014, based on research by DisplaySearch
※2 As of February 25, 2013, based on research by OPTiM
※3 As of December 12, 2014, the VoIP feature is not available for Optia provided at Google Play™

About OPTiM
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM provides solutions that reduce its clients’ support costs, with an overall focus on evolving online experiences to the point that the Internet becomes something you aren’t even conscious of, like breathing.  OPTiM’s solutions’ suite includes setup, diagnostic and marketing tools for NGN and home networks, as well as mobile devices, routers, TVs, gaming platforms, multifunction peripherals, servers, printers and DVD recorders.

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