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What is MDM?

MDM (Mobile Device Management) provides security and management functions for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) deployed by service providers, mobile operators and enterprises.

With a growing number of businesses providing mobile devices to their staff, confidential data is frequently taken out of the office. Unfortunately, mobile devices provide less security than PCs, which heightens the chance of information leakage. MDM solutions allow simple and secure mobile device use.

For example, MDM can:

  • ●Protect confidential data via remote device operation
  • ●Enforce password lock or complex password settings
  • ●Allow access to company data from outside the office
  • ●Prohibit functions that could cause information leakage

MDM is an easy and fast way to set up and manage a large number of mobile devices.

What is MDM?

Risks for “Compromised” Devices

When devices are “out of MDM” (that is, not protected by MDM), there are two main risks:

Unauthorized Off-the-Job Device Usage

Using unauthorized apps or browsing forbidden websites may lead to malware infection or information leakage.

Information Leakage when the Device is Lost or Stolen

Since out-of-MDM devices cannot be remotely operated (i.e. remotely locked or wiped), a malicious user could leak confidential information if the device is lost or stolen.
This is a major threat to IT administrators.

Moreover, a malicious user may alter certain settings that an existing MDM’s API cannot control, thereby compromising the device.

While Android devices are renowned for their flexibility, they’re also renowned for potential security risks.

  • ●Deletion of security settings by re-initializing the device
  • ●Disrupting communication by changing the device’s date
  • ●Aborting the device’s MDM via “task killer” apps
  • ●Suspending the device’s MDM by using the “multi-user account function” to switch users
  • ●Completely removing MDM by deleting the app in “USB debug” mode

If a user’s device is taken out of MDM, the user risks having his/her mobile device made susceptible to unauthorized use or information leakage.

Risks for“Compromised”Devices

Optimal Biz Has the Solution!

Secure Shield, Optimal Biz's groundbreaking new feature, closes security loopholes in your existing MDM system and protects important data.

Our uniquely-developed Shield Technology (patent pending) “shields” at-risk mobile device settings by preventing users from directly accessing such settings, which could be used as MDM loopholes.

For example, if Secure Shield is installed on the device of a user who tries to launch his Android device’s Default Settings, Secure Shield will appear in place of the Default Settings screen.

Optimal Biz Has the Solution

Secure Shield disables certain API settings which current MDM systems cannot control, thus preventing malicious users from exploiting security loopholes and changing settings.

Secure Shield disables certain API settings which current MDM systems cannot control, thus preventing malicious users from exploiting security loopholes and changing settings. This solution is a “world’s first”!

Regarding a mobile device’s "Multiple User Account” function, Secure Shield blocks the User Registration screen to prohibit the creation of multiple users. This bars malicious users from being able to switch users; thus, the device cannot be removed from its existing MDM platform. This is another “world’s first”!

Depending on an Android device’s OS version and make, a plethora of home screens can exist.

Secure Shield standardizes the home screen to either Simple UI or List UI, which are basic screens with a mostly non-existent user learning curve. As a result, the cost to educate users on home screen usage decreases, as does the number of inquiries made to support centers.