OPTiM Released Smart Device Customize Solution“Optimal Biz Gadget”

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OPTiM Corporation

OPTiM Released Smart Device Customize Solution
“Optimal Biz Gadget”

TOKYO - OPTiM, the leader in providing IT support solutions that enable creativity, collaboration and convenience while online, released “Optimal Biz Gadget,” which is the option of Optimal Biz that has MDM(※1) No.1 market share(※2), has been released on July 30. It is available at 210 JPY(tax included) (※3) per month.
Many enterprises provide smart devices to the employees nowadays. However, the operability is complicated with multi-functionality, the time spent to learn how to operate the smartphone has also become such a problem. With "Optimal Biz Gadget," efficiency can be improved significantly when users are not used to operate smartphones, or when they are required to use the same functions at work. And anyone can use smart device without difficulties because it offers same screen and operational feeling on any smart devices, and you can share documents or launch business apps such as inventory management apps, attendance management apps without thinking.

■Main Features of Optimal Biz Gadget:
・Can create original home screen for business.
・Because it can set up devices collectively, you can save management costs.
・For the following device feature, the users can operate the device efficiently:
  ∇Can place business apps on home screen and start easily without searching
  ∇Home screen that it is easy to see in large characters
  ∇Even if you change a smart device, you can use the same home screen as your old phone
・In combination with the MDM function of Optimal Biz(※4), you can prevent unauthorized use outside  your business.

※1 MDM:Abbreviation of Mobile Device Management. MDM is a tool used to securely manage mobile devices such as PCs, Android
  devices, the iPhone, and the iPad on a web console.
※2 According to “ITR Market View: Enterprise / Mobile Management Market 2012,” by ITR Corporation.
※3 Can be provided in one terminal 525 yen per month total(tax included), it assumes the purchase of MDM basic functions(tax
※4 It can be implemented with "Application prohibit" function.

・Please contact us from the following if you would like this service. We will introduce a reseller:
・The option for an existing system, we plan to offer by the end of 2013 fiscal year. Customers
 already using of the Optimal Biz, please wait for a while.

【Example of Home Screen】

【Flow of Using】

"Optimal Biz" is a solution that can manage smartphone, tablet, and PC for business. Administrator can easily manage and control all the company-owned devices on the Web browser. Some of the major features of its functions include:
・Prevention of confidential information leak when the device is lost or stolen
・Remote lock or prohibit USB storage
・Blocking launch of applications for private use of company-owned devices
・Setting Wi-Fi and etc.
・Asset management

The following the strong features of Optimal Biz:
・Our unique and original functions
・User-friendly interface for easy operation
・Trusted business with major companies
・The largest device coverage in the industry
・Tie-up with major device makers for earliest support

【About OPTiM】
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM, provides solutions that reduce support costs for enterprises and is focused on evolving online experiences so that the Internet becomes something that you aren’t even conscious of — like the air you breathe. OPTiM’s suite of solutions includes setup, diagnostic and marketing tools for NGN and home networks, and also targets mobile devices, routers, TVs, gaming platforms, multifunction peripherals, servers, printers and
DVD recorders.

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