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Press Release

OPTiM Corporation
(TSE's Mothers:3694)

Optimal Remote Now Provides Remote Support
for Sumitomo Forestry Information Systems!

Fast connection, intuitive operation, iOS Support – that’s Optimal Remote

Tokyo (February 3, 2015) – OPTiM (TSE Mothers: 3694), a leading provider of business-related applications for smart devices, proudly announces that Optimal Remote, its world-renowned remote support service, is now supporting Sumitomo Forestry Information Systems※1.

■Partnership background:
Sumitomo Forestry Information Systems provides technology services for Sumitomo Forestry Group -- mainly IT systems development and operation, and user support for the various “Housing by Sumitomo Forestry” subcontractors.  Remote IT support for Sumitomo Forestry Group's employees is available via the company’s internal network, but a suitable solution for subcontractor support was lacking.  Also, Sumitomo Forestry Group decided to begin equipping its workforce with iOS tablets, which in turn necessitated a remote service that could support iOS users.  After an intensive search for a new supplier, the client chose Optimal Remote for its iOS support abilities, fast connection time, intuitive interface, and cloud-based services.

For partnership details, please see our “Sumitomo Forestry Information Systems” case study:

■About Optimal Remote
Optimal Remote is a remote support tool which allows support operators and IT administrators to access screen-sharing and remote control of customers' PCs, smartphones, tablets and office IT devices.  Optimal Remote enables iOS operational and troubleshooting support that’s much faster and more intuitive than an oral walkthrough.  Optimal Remote is extremely useful for companies with remote sites and for IT administrators who provide user support.  Optimal Remote is the world’s first remote support service to support Android™ 5.0 Lollipop, and enables screen-sharing on new Android™(Android™ 5.0 and later) devices and old Android™ devices alike, as well as on Windows®, Mac, and iPhone/iPad devices.

Optimal Remote's website:

※1 Headquartered in Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan.  CEO: Toshiyuki Miyoshi

About OPTiM
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM provides solutions that reduce its clients’ support costs, with an overall focus on evolving online experiences to the point that the Internet becomes something you aren’t even conscious of, like breathing.  OPTiM’s solutions’ suite includes setup, diagnostic and marketing tools for NGN and home networks, as well as mobile devices, routers, TVs, gaming platforms, multifunction peripherals, servers, printers and DVD recorders.


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