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OPTiM Corporation
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OPTiM Forms a Business Alliance with Komatsu for Remote Technology!

The alliance’s first collaboration involves Optimal Second Sight,
OPTiM’s Visual Remote Support service!

Tokyo - March 26, 2015: OPTiM (TSE Mothers: 3694), a leading provider of business-related applications for smart devices, proudly announces a business alliance with Komatsu for remote technology.  The alliance’s first collaboration involves Optimal Second Sight, OPTiM's Visual Remote Support service which realizes the idea of “Remote Experience Sharing” -- the real-time remote sharing of experience (knowledge, know-how, and information) between individuals/groups.  The collaboration will focus on Komatsu's Smart Construction, a new ICT solution for construction sites.

With Optimal Second Sight, a remote operator can review a construction site’s status in real-time from an on-site worker’s point of view and provide detailed support, as if he/she were there in person.  Optimal Second Sight is ideal for corporations that are suffering from labor shortages or support cost increases.

After declining for almost two decades, Japan’s construction business is again on the upswing※1, with rebuilding projects covering 2011’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami, the upcoming Olympic Games, and many other endeavors.  However, Japanese construction companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, are suffering from a worker shortage.  Young workers are not applying as frequently as in the past, and the new workers who are applying have much to learn.  In addition, the existing workforce is aging rapidly, further depleting the stock of skilled workers.  In order to alleviate these issues, Komatsu started providing Smart Construction, a system which improves work efficiency and increases worker productivity by applying comprehensive worksite ICT.  In conjunction, OPTiM is providing Optimal Second Sight, its Visual Remote Service built around the aforementioned idea of Remote Experience Sharing.  Remote Experience Sharing allows skilled veteran workers to share their knowledge with inexperienced younger workers.  Also, a skilled worker can, via remote experience sharing, cover a shortage of other skilled workers by remotely supporting multiple workers simultaneously.

■Smart Construction examples
Construction sites will run smoother if presided over by a veteran worker who can remotely support inexperienced workers in the operation of construction machines.  Also, when a machine requires maintenance, a worker can learn how to make repairs by acquiring the machine’s schematic beforehand.  This significantly decreases maintenance time.

■Efficient support can be utilized in a variety of industries:
■Optimal Second Sight’s advantages
A variety of site support features are provided:
  • Camera-image sharing:

    ・By sharing camera images from a user's mobile device, remote support can be provided by a seasoned off-site operator.

  • Material/URL transmission:

    ・An operator can transmit files or URLs for explanation of shared materials being discussed with the on-site team.

  • Movement instructions:

    ・A remote operator can instruct a user where to position a certain piece of equipment/construction item.

  • Extra support features:

    ・Useful user support features are provided, including Red pen drawing, Finger indicator and VoIP.

◆Supported OS:
  • iPhone/iPad with iOS 6.0 and later
  • Smartphone/tablet with Android™ 4.0 and later

Optimal Second Sight website:

■About Smart Construction by Komatsu
Smart Construction is an ICT solution that facilitates an efficient, safe, intelligent construction site.  Via Komatsu’s proprietary platform, KomConnect, Smart Construction allows construction workers to access a variety of useful functions, including construction management, heavy machine rental, worker schedule management, and much more.

For more information on Smart Construction, please visit:
http://smartconstruction.komatsu.co.jp/ (In Japanese)

■Optimal Second Sight – the future
With Optimal Second Sight, OPTiM will realize a new level of workplace efficiency through shared experience via live images.  Optimal Second Sight will be a great fit not just for construction, but also other industries like medical care ICT, nursing care/welfare, education ICT, financing, distribution, and public works.

Optimal Second Sight appeared at Remote World 2015!  For more information, please visit:

※1 Source:The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Prospect of construction investment, 2014

About OPTiM
Based in Tokyo, Japan, OPTiM provides solutions that reduce its clients’ support costs, with an overall focus on evolving online experiences to the point that the Internet becomes something you aren’t even conscious of, like breathing.  OPTiM’s solutions’ suite includes setup, diagnostic and marketing tools for NGN and home networks, as well as mobile devices, routers, TVs, gaming platforms, multifunction peripherals, servers, printers and DVD recorders.


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