About Optimal Second Sight

Optimal Second Sight is a solution for live video to be shared though a smart glass, smartphone, or tablet, along with features that allow remote support to be given from anywhere. A remote operator can review a site's status in real-time from an on-site worker's point of view and provide detailed support. Optimal Second Sight solves common workplace problems, including being unable to give comprehensive remote support because the work site is not visible though phone or email communication, or the high costs of going to distant work sites to give support in person.

This service realizes "Remote Experience Sharing," OPTiM's vision of users remotely sharing experience (knowledge, know-how, information) with others in real-time.

Faster and Easier Work Support

Give Intuitive Directions with Patented Technology


Red Pen


Finger Indicator


Movement Instruction Message

About the patented Overlay Technology

2 Easy Ways to Get Started


Member code

Each user enters their member code, and either the operator or the worker may call the other for the support service to begin. Users can be set from the device's address book or call history.


One-time receipt number

When the worker starts up the app, a random 4-digit number will be displayed. The worker then gives the number to the operator, and then the operator can begin support. Logging in and other preparations are not required, so the workers can quickly start receiving support.

Multi-Device Support for Any Situation


Optimal Second Sight is compatible with a variety of devices, so users can run the app on whatever device suits their needs.

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Features Optimized for Remote Work Support

Share the status of the work site in real-time

The video of the work site can be shared with the operator in real-time. This way, the operator can quickly grasp the situation and give the appropriate instructions.


Send documents during support

Either user can send documents during though the app during a support session. In cases that are hard to describe in words, or when speaking is difficult, both sides can send documents to clarify the situation.


Confirm detailed information

Video of the work site can be transmitted in high definition. The operator can save any shared video to confirm small details, such as the reading on a meter.


Features Outline
Share video from a client's camera The operator can also see real-time video from the work site.
Light control When there is a problem the lighting of the shared video, the operator can control the flash of the worker's device to make the scene brighter or darker.
Snapshot The operator can take screenshots of the video.
High-quality images High-resolution snapshots can be taken of the video.
Red pen drawing The operator can draw free hand instructions on the shared video.
Finger indicator The operator can place a finger pointer icon on the shared video.
Movement instructions The operator can display directions to instruct how the worker should move the camera.
Messaging The users can send each other text messages.
Send documents The users can send pictures, PDF files and more to clarify the work at hand.
Send URLs The users can send URLs of relevant websites.
Voice call (VoIP) The users can conduct a voice call.
Recording The operator can record the shared video as an MPEG4 file.

Use Cases

Komatsu Ltd.

The world's #2 in construction and mining. Optimal Second Sight is used in the Smart Construction Support Center, fully backing up customers' construction ICT. Construction sites run smoother when presided over by a veteran worker who can remotely support inexperienced workers in the operation of construction machines. Also, when a machine requires maintenance, a worker can learn how to make repairs by acquiring the machine's schematic beforehand. This significantly decreases maintenance time.



FRESHHOUSE is a specialist home remodeling firm that is part of SOMPO Holdings. In cooperation with disaster insurance company Japan Nipponkoa, Optimal Second Sight is used in the repair work of clients who suffered from fire damage.

Toyo Building Maintenance Co., Ltd.

Toyo Building Maintenance Co., Ltd.

Toyo Building Maintenance is a leading facilities management company providing construction, cleaning, maintenance, security, and more. Optimal Second Sight is used for maintaining the company's solar panels and inspection of unmanned buildings. This technology has improved labor allocation because it is now easier for staff to perform tasks alone, a operators at headquarters can give remote guidance at any time. Also, the operators can get real-time images of the work site, improving the accuracy and safety of their advice.


How is Optimal Second Sight different from services like FaceTime or Skype?
Unlike video chat software, Optimal Second Sight is optimized for remote work support with video markup features, usage log and more.
How is Optimal Second Sight different from other remote work support tools?
Optimal Second Sight is supported by multiple devices and multiple operating systems to fit any customer need. Furthermore, OPTiM offers a cloud service with an assigned user ID. This app also has many unique features such as movement instructions and URL sending.
How much data traffic does it use? And how fast needs the transmission speed?
With Panasonic ToughPad FZ-X1, it'll cost about 6MB per minute using Optimal Second Sight. The transmission speed needs about 800 kbps. The speed varies greatly depending on the device and environment.
What happens if the connection is cut in the middle of a support session?
The app will automatically attempt to reconnect. If the connection cannot be automatically re-established within a preset amount of time, the connection must be reset manually. The instructions on how to reconnect manually will be displayed on-screen.

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Operational environment

For the On-site Worker


iOS アンドロイド

iPhone/iPad with iOS 8.0 or newer
Smartphone/Tablet with Android 4.0 or newer

Smart glass

Please contact us about other devices
Inquiry about supported devices

For the Operator

OS Windows 7 Home Premium/Ultimate/Enterprise/Professional (32bit/64bit)
Windows 8.1 (32bit/64bit)
Windows 10 (32bit/64bit)
iPhone/iPad with iOS 8.0 or newer
CPU over 1GHz ※over 2GHz recommended
Main Memory at least 1GB ※at least 2GB recommended
Video 1024x768x16bitor higher
※1280x1024x32bit or higher recommended
Free drive space 100MB or more (system drive)
Other Broadband internet connection with access to both HTTP and HTTPS domains
※There are cases where this can not be used under some proxy environments

Choose the System to Suit Your Needs

  • クラウド型


    The standard Optimal Second Sight system. Download the necessary tools for both the operator and the on-site worker, and start immediately after logging in.

  • オンプレミス型


    If using the cloud is not an option, safe and secure remote support can be conducted over a closed network.

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