Usage Scenarios

For user support tools, i.e. Online Trade, FX, etc.

Putting Customers First

In order to respond to a variety of customer requests, websites have complicated menus. Unfortunately, this approach leaves “beginner level clients” lost in the shuffle.

If customer support takes a more user-friendly approach to beginner level clients’ needs, a more stable customer base can be created.

  • Large-Site Management
  • Customer Support Center
  • FX – Securities Company

For explanation of business software, i.e. accounting, payroll, CAD, etc.

Screen Sharing for a Simple and Quick Explanation

If something is explained to a customer over the phone, critical details could be lost in translation. This may result in losing customers. With screen sharing, an operator can easily share and explain information about even the most complicated processes.

Because users can ask about anything, the onsite rate is decreased and support costs are lowered.

  • Operation Instruction
  • Information Provision
  • Troubleshooting

For an IT department’s internal help desk

Support a Progressive System and Your Colleagues

When your servers operate out of a data center, corporate efficiency decreases, and so too server software maintenance.

However, if you manage your servers at your office, then the opposite is true. Additionally, since Optimal Remote can support multiple devices simultaneously, you can operate other servers while processing only one.

  • Server Maintenance
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Software Maintenance

As a “maintenance tool” for SIers and software vendors

Customer Support Should Deliver Customer Comfort

While it’s easy to arrange a hotel for a business trip, it can be hard for a company’s HQ to communicate instructions to traveling employees.

With Optimal Remote, users need only be connected to a PC to enjoy seamless support, even overseas.

  • Business Trips
  • Companies with Regional Offices
  • Remote PC Support

Introduction Examples

Customer support service “Matsui-Securities Remote Support (松井証券リモートサポート)”

"Matsui-Securities Remote Support" is the service to help/support users to use online trading. Optimal Remote allowed the operator to share the customer's screen and explain how to use the service, which led to less time spent in a support time.

After implementing Optimal Remote, they earned #1 customer support award from Nikkei Business magazine (August 5, 2013 issue). Here is a successful case study of "Matsui-Securities Remote Support" implemented by Optimal Remote.

Click here about "Matsui-Securities Remote Support" case study

Case Study : Sumitomo Forestry Information Systems

Sumitomo Forestry Information Systems provides IT system development and operations service for Sumitomo Forestry Group.

Introduction plan of tablets (iPads) for their system was established, and Optimal Biz, supporting multiple OSes, was selected.

Please visit our “Sumitomo Forestry Information Systems” case study >