Demo Movie


  • Red Pen Drawing

    Draw a red line on the client's screen. It is thus possible to instruct clients using prompts.

    Red Pen Drawing
  • Device Reboot Function

    Enables one to restart the client device remotely

    Device Reboot Function
  • Screen Shortcut

    Enables one to open the setting screen on the client device from a shortcut

    Screen Shortcut
  • Statistics

    You can refer to statistics of remote tool usage.

  • Escalation

    Enables one to hand over a client from an operator to another

  • USB Extended Feature

    By connecting a mobile device to a PC, you can control the mobile device without restriction.

    USB Extended Feature
  • Finger Indicator

    Enables one to provide instructions by showing a finger indicator.

    Finger Indicator
  • Client Device Information

    Enables one to obtain a client's device information

    Client Device Information
  • Log Download

    Enables one to download logs of previous tool usage.

    Log Download
  • Movie Clip Recording

    Enables one to record support log as movie clip to check the instruction

    Movie Clip Recording
  • Mac OS Support

    Mac OS is supported.

    Mac OS Support
  • Optimal Remote Ubiquitous

    Enable to support devices by selecting an icon from the Network Map

    Optimal Remote Ubiquitous