1 Minute Study, What is MDM?
- Today, Smartphones are handheld computers!. -


Usage Scenarios

Companies are switching from phones to smartphones

Smartphones have a lot of features. Therefore, managing corporate-owned devices is becoming more essential.
A single mobility platform for the whole enterprise

Many enterprises are transferring from normal phones to smartphones because they offer such a high level of functionality with features like email, browsing, and other useful applications..
On the other hand, there are arising risks since you can do a lot of things with smartphones not related to business. Furthermore, there is the added possibility of information leakage when smartphones are lost or stolen.
Optimal Biz is the solution for enterprises that will help companies manage mobile devices securely.

  • For staff across departments

For secured introduction of IT with smart devices

Support business interactions with smart devices in absolute security.

Many companies process their business with various IT solutions such as sales assisting platforms and inventory management software. And this is where a smart device does a great job.

  • Transit from a notebook to a tablet device
  • For inventory management in supermarkets and convenience stores

In the education market and publishing field

While maximizing benefits of paperless materials, it reduces disadvantages in IT management.

In the publishing industry, printed materials have been being replaced with digital materials because of the many advantages. You can modify and save contents more easily.
However, there are rising concerns of unauthorized use of digital books.

  • In universities and schools
  • For employee education

Introduction Examples

Offer better service to your customers with a smart device

There are department stores and shopping malls providing tablets to their customers, and the number of companies is growing.
With provided tablets, customers can get better service and satisfaction during their purchases. For an enterprise, it leads to increased revenue and helps build a better relationship with customers.
However, there are also growing concerns in sharing a tablet device with unspecified number of people, which could lead to personal information leakage and unauthorized usage.

In Education Field ― Enjoyable learning experiences for children

The use of ICT in education will bring a new learning experience different than anything from before. Cultivating the quality of information communication technology will increasingly become desirable in the very near future.
However, exposed information sources can include elements that inhibit the healthy learning of children. How about configuring the environment of the usage in advance with features like web filtering and App launch prohibition?
Faculty members can focus more on the nature of the course content than prohibit something or give warnings. Arranging a secure environment means providing a place of learning experience where children can take advantage of their inquiring mind and think more freely.
Education Service - FLENS   FLENS -- Educational Service
FLENS, a learning service for tablet devices, counts on Optimal Biz to provide a safe, secure educational environment for students and teachers.
Optimal Biz - Sendai Johnan High School   Sendai Johnan High School
Introduced tablet devices as communication tool at school, Optimal Biz helps to provide safe, fun learning environment.

It makes it possible to deliver a sophisticated presentation while protecting information / sensitive content from information leaks

As a presentation tool, smart devices such as tablets are becoming essential.
You can give an attractive presentation with a variety of expressions with a smart device, which will contribute to a paperless environment.
On the other hand, there are concerns about the leak of confidential data or client information.
Taking measures promptly at a critical moment is necessary.
You can avoid those critical situations by using remote lock/wipe functions.
Also, you can prevent problems from occurring by making screen lock settings mandatory and encouraging encryption settings.

Save costs for managing a large number of devices

The main factors that annoy an IT administrator when deploying a large number of devices for business use are initial device configuration and management after deployment. It takes so much time to set devices one by one, and there is always the possibility of human errors. Moreover, constant monitoring and an obligatory report makes operation costs even higher.
Reduce costs by setting a large quantity of devices collectively. Optimal Biz has a high level of capability that allows you manage devices easily, such as various report features, alert notice, App distribution and adding contact list.