Start a meeting anytime, anywhere!

World's first support for iOS (iPhone, iPad) screen-sharing!
Share screens across smartphones, tablets and PCs!
Easier than using a monitor or projector!

This service allows you to start a meeting more quickly and easily than if you had to set up a monitor or projector. You can start a meeting by just getting a session number from the OPTiM Cafe site, and then sharing it with the meeting participants. After that, collaboration can begin by sharing screens and documents. This service simplifies web meetings as it requires no complicated instructions for registering or installing like traditional services.
Moreover, the world's first support for real-time screen-sharing of iOS (iPhone, iPad) is now realized.
For use of real-time screen-sharing of iOS (iPhone, iPad), please check here.

Starting a meeting can be hard…

Problems with meetings before OPTiM Cafe…

  • You want to share documents with all members, but you don’t have a large monitor
  • The meeting room’s projector or monitor isn’t compatible with your PC
  • You don’t know if the meeting room has a monitor or projector
  • It’s trouble to print the materials every time, and you’re not sure how many people are joining the meetings
  • You have some extra documents you want to suddenly want to show, but you didn’t prepare any copies beforehand

But now, with OPTiM Cafe…

  • Start sharing screens just by telling everyone the meeting session number
  • Supports multiple devices and multiple OS
  • All the participants need is a browser
  • Restarting and stopping screen sharing is easy

Traditional web meeting systems…

Host (to show your screen)

  1. Open the website
  2. Choose the “start meeting” option
  3. Input ID/password and log in
  4. Choose the “schedule meeting” option
  5. Input the necessary data
    (topic, password, date, time, participants, etc.)
  6. Choose the “start meeting” option

Client (to view the host’s screen)

  1. Open website for the meeting
  2. Install the app

OPTiM Cafe…

Host (to show your screen)

  1. Open the OPTiM Cafe page
  2. Tell the meeting participants the displayed session number

Client (to view the host’s screen)

  1. Open the OPTiM Cafe page
  2. Input the session number

Start the meeting in just two steps


  • Windows screen sharing
    Allows reading of a Windows screen on any device
  • Quick start
    Can start screen sharing quickly with a keyboard shortcut
    Expands the use of the Windows+P (choose presentation display) function
  • Multi-browser support
    Supports browsers not only for Windows, but also Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Mac OS browsers, so shared screens can be read on numerous devices
  • Smart UI, a fundamental patented technology (Japan Patent No.5756156, 5653301)
    OPTiM acquired two fundamental patent rights in the category of screen-sharing technology.
    OPTiM has a patent right of screen-sharing technology that acquires dimensions of the host device's displayable area and adjusts the screen display ratio of the sharing devices to be the same or near to the width/height acquired.
    Moreover, OPTiM has another unique screen information display technology that allows a device performing remote control to judge whether a device displaying screen information is in vertical orientation or horizontal orientation and to display the screen accordingly.
    These technologies allow the best experiences shared among host and sharing devices.
    For details, please refer to the PDF "Smart UI, OPTiM's fundamental patented technology."

Cost and Function Information

Free Standard
Monthly license 0 JPY 980 JPYUS$10€9£7
Participant limit 5 10
Meeting time limit Yes No
Screen-sharing Yes Yes
Quick start Yes Yes
Supports multiple browsers Yes Yes
On-screen annotations No Yes

System Requirements

Client app (for screen sharing)

Windows (32bit/64bit) 7, 8.1, 10
Android 5.0 or later
iOS (iPhone, iPad) 7 or later
Mac OSX 10.10 or later

Browser (for viewing screens)

Windows Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge
Mac Safari 7, 8
Windows / Mac Google Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version)
(iPhone, iPad)
Safari on iOS 7 or later
Android Google Chrome optimized for Android 4.2 or later